Ten Things Not To Say To A Writer

When people find out you’re a writer, what do they say to you?  Do they offer encouragement?  Do they try to give you advice?  Or do they say ridiculous things like, “It must be nice to have all that free time on your hands.”

I’ve compiled a list of ten things I’ve heard people say to my fellow writers or things they’ve said to me.  Hope you enjoy.

  1. We can’t pay you, but the exposure might be good.
  2. So, have you written anything I might have heard of?
  3. You’re a writer?  What’s your real job?
  4. What do you mean you have to write another draft?  Why didn’t you just write it right the first time?
  5. It’s pretty impressive that you spend so much time on something that has so little chance of success.
  6. Real writers want readers, not money.
  7. When is the movie coming out?
  8. You should write a (fill-in-the-blank) book instead of what you’re working on.
  9. Can you send me a free book?
  10. Oh you’re a writer?  My aunt’s friend’s gardener’s plumber is a writer.  You should ask them for some advice.

Here’s a whole list of #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter tweets from authors.


12 thoughts on “Ten Things Not To Say To A Writer

  1. I sadly hear a lot of these time to time. I tend to pt my headphones in and just continue to write. “I ain’t got time for that.” lol But I just push forward and continue, because I know it’s in my blood to write and I have a story to tell! 🙂


    1. And why is it that people think teaching is the “fall back on” profession? I’d like to see them do what teachers do all day, every day for the entire school year. I’m definitely with you on that.


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