Supporting Our Troops


I have a box of books signed and ready to go out to our US troops so they will have reading material.  This is possible through an organization called Authors Supporting Our Troops.  They collect donated books from authors and ship them off to our troops in remote areas.  Even if you’re not an author, monetary donations used to help with shipping are welcome.  It’s a great cause.  For more information or if you’d like to contribute, see this link.

Distant Thoughts

I think each of us has that one person who will always be in our hearts, even if they are gone from our lives.  This is dedicated to those who have left an impression on our hearts and blessed us with many memories we will never forget.

Distant Thoughts

I often sit and think of you,

Now that you’re away.

I wish that you’d come back again,

But next time come to stay.

The time we shared together,

What little time we had,

You always made me happy,

And never made me sad.

I miss our conversations,

And a little joke or two.

As I sit here in the darkness,

My thoughts are all of you.

The Mind of a Writer


Do not know where this quote came from, but it’s great. 

Also, if anyone is interested, I found a writing blog by Natasha Lester where she writes about what writing a novel is really like.  Having gone through this process, and currently going through the revising stage of my second book, I can totally relate to what she says.

Never Forget


Where were you when the world stopped turning?

I’m sure every one of us can remember where we were and what we were doing on that day in 2001.  Many loved ones died in this senseless tragedy, firefighters and police officers lost their lives trying to help others, and the Twin Towers fell simply because we were Americas.

Never forget, always remember.  United we stand.