Writers Unite, or Why You Should Support Your Fellow Authors

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Other Authors are  Not My Competition
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I have often noticed that it seems to be a common notion that it is pointless gathering other writers as followers on social media, sharing writing tips and advice.

Over and over again I have seen the advice that you need to be targeting the people who will buy your books, the readers, instead. That if you write about writing and share writing advice, you will only attract other writers interested in using your advice and won’t sell any books.

To me, this idea makes little sense because it seems to neglect one vital point – all writers ARE readers.

They are some of the most voracious readers you will find anywhere. While not every bookworm is is writer, every writer is by nature an avid reader as well.

So support each other, share each other’s books on social media, cross promote…

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Meet The Characters – Part 6

Today for Meet the Characters you will meet my female lead, Jane.

Full name:  Jane Elizabeth Davine (pronounced da-vin)

Age: early-20’s

Physical Description: 5’7″ brunette with emerald green eyes.  Toned, athletic, curvy figure.

Hometown:  San Francisco, CA

Family:  Father, Dale Davine.  Mother deceased.  Has a younger brother, Brian.

Education:  Psychology major at UC Berkeley.  Member of the Alpha Phi sorority.

Career Goals:  Leaning towards Sports Psychology

Hobbies:  Reading, baking, shopping, dancing, water sports

Favorite things:  Teddy bears, Chinese food, Diet Pepsi, mint chocolate chip ice cream, yogurt, books, shoes, sorority parties, artwork by Vincent Van Gogh, basketball

Favorite Places:  The beach, bookstores, libraries, dance clubs

Music Preference: Dance/ club music

Relationship Status:  Single

Weaknesses:  Has a temper and can be stubborn at times.

Character traits:  A spunky, energetic social butterfly.  Her mind wanders quite often, and she is easily sidetracked.  Emotional.  Slightly rebellious.  Feisty.  Supports medical causes and volunteers her time at hospitals and medical organizations. Refuses to eat fried food.

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Meet The Characters – Part 5

Today I introduce you to Sarah.

Full name:  Sarah Chan

Age: mid-20’s

Physical Description:  5’0″ Chinese-American.  Usually wears jeans and sweatshirts.

Education:  Currently pursuing M.D. degree at UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program.   Speaks fluent English and Chinese.

Career Goals:  To graduate from medical school.  Undecided on a specialty.

Favorite things:  Sweatshirts, chocolate milkshakes, curling up on the couch watching movies

Relationship Status:  Single

Character traits:  Introvert.  Doesn’t talk much unless she has a strong opinion about something.  Shy around unfamiliar people.

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Jim     Bruce    Mandy    Randy    Jane

Meet The Characters – Part 4

Time for another episode of Meet The Characters.  Today I introduce you to Mandy.

Full name:  Amanda (Mandy) Stevens

Age: mid-20’s

Physical Description:  Thin-framed blonde.  Regularly wears pink lacy attire and flowery accessories.

Hometown:  Santa Monica, CA

Family:  Has six sisters.

Education:  Currently attending UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program.  Pursuing M.D. degree.  Undecided on a specialty.

Career Goals:  Considering General Practice or Pediatrics.

Hobbies:  Scrapbooking

Favorite things:  Hallmark Channel, Bath and Body Works, peacocks, Santa Monica sunsets, palm trees, hanging out at the beach

Relationship Status:  Single

Character traits:  Bubbly personality.  Spontaneous.  Unpredictable.  Quirky.  Slightly ditzy and dreadfully unorganized.  Openly speaks her mind.

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