Meet The Characters – Part 5

Today I introduce you to Sarah.

Full name:  Sarah Chan

Age: mid-20’s

Physical Description:  5’0″ Chinese-American.  Usually wears jeans and sweatshirts.

Education:  Currently pursuing M.D. degree at UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program.   Speaks fluent English and Chinese.

Career Goals:  To graduate from medical school.  Undecided on a specialty.

Favorite things:  Sweatshirts, chocolate milkshakes, curling up on the couch watching movies

Relationship Status:  Single

Character traits:  Introvert.  Doesn’t talk much unless she has a strong opinion about something.  Shy around unfamiliar people.

For other character bios, see links below.

Jim     Bruce    Mandy    Randy    Jane

8 thoughts on “Meet The Characters – Part 5

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  2. Hi, thank you for sharing your characters (in 5 parts) I can’t wait to meet them and see how they adapt to the situations they find themselves in. I admire your process in getting them and their characteristics down pat at the beginning. I find this a frightening prospect. Although I know my characters well – I always find that they act in unexpected ways when they find themselves in conflict – the rotten buggers! Then I have to go and back fill! Do you find that?


    1. Yes. My characters tell my story. I start with character development and a general storyline and let my characters play it out from there. Sometimes they do things I don’t expect. I’m right there with you. 😃

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