Sand and Sutures

quickmemo_2016-04-01-14-12-12-1.png.pngThe second book in my series, Sand and Sutures, is currently in the hands of my editor.   I chose the title Sand and Sutures for several reasons.  First, my main characters are doctors who work in hospitals and medical facilities daily and deal with sutures in one form or another on a regular basis.  Secondly, they live around water.  The shores of Lake Washington and the beaches of Santa Monica provide respite from their demanding schedules.  When they aren’t being doctors, they enjoy water skiing, surfing, and vacationing in places like Bermuda, Mexico, and Hawaii.  The two words, sand and sutures, joined together creating a link between the professional lives of these physicians and their personal escape from the world of medicine.

Sand and Sutures follows Randy and his friends into their residency, where they continue their medical training and work to establish their reputations as physicians.  In this book, many of the same characters are back, including Jim, Bruce, and Amanda.  A few new characters are introduced, one of which is a resident doctor by the name of named Greg Hutchins.

Throughout Sand and Sutures, Randy struggles to find balance between his career as a physician and life with his new wife, Jane.  In the process, he encounters unexpected hurdles and deals with difficult family situations, all while trying to maintain close ties with his dearest friends, Jim, Bruce, and Amanda.  As the four friends continue their medical training, they celebrate successes together and help each other navigate through some of the most challenging obstacles in life.

For a preview of Sand and Sutures click here.

Sand and Sutures is set for release in April 2016.



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