Lost Inside My Head

brain slugWhy do I get my best writing ideas at the most inopportune moments?  Someone should invent a device that transcribes writer’s ideas into meaningful notes so we don’t lose the great ideas we come up with.  I guess this is why I carry a notebook and pen around with me everywhere I go. But it’s not the ideas I get when I’m ready for them that I’m talking about.  It’s the ones I get when I’m driving or in the shower that I can’t write down–those are the ideas that seem to get lost inside my head somehow.  It’s not until weeks later when the lightbulb comes on, the idea comes back to me, and I find myself saying, “Oh yeah.  That’s what I was going to do with that scene.”

4 thoughts on “Lost Inside My Head

  1. It’s a bugger – some of the best stories I have ever conceived have been lost in the Land of Nod. I have this theory that idea’s for stories are gifts from higher powers and that we as writers are custodians to these idea’s. They are precious gems, so use them or lose them. Idea’s lost in the middle of the night are given to other writers. I am convinced that Clancy, Cussier and Crichton are using idea’s given to the unworthies like me, who can’t be bothered to get out of bed and record them.


  2. Lauren

    I get those crazy ideas all the time! I have always wanted to write them all down somewhere but I never get to do it. I’m always thinking of all the amazing things I could do with all of these ideas. Hopefully we can all help eachother. xx


    1. I keep a notebook next to my bed and carry one in my purse so I don’t lose the ideas I come up with. My friends and co-workers think I’m crazy because I randomly text myself when an idea hits me. Having pen and paper isn’t always practical, but I almost always have my cellphone.


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