Cats and Christmas

Cats are funny, and they are hilarious to watch at Christmastime. I have one cat in particular who is obsessed with tape. She licks the sticky stuff off the back of the tape and chews on boxes where the tape once was. I don’t know why she does this. She’s just weird that way.

This same cat likes to chew on the Christmas tree. She doesn’t knock ornaments off or claw at the garland like most cats do. She gnaws on the branches. This cat, along with another cat I own, have also found solace and  comfort on the tree skirt. They often push each other out of the way so they can take ownership of their napping spot. Any other time of year, they  have separate sleeping quarters. On one rare occasion, I was lucky to catch them sharing the tree skirt. It hasn’t happened since.


Have you ever tried to wrap gifts with a cat underfoot? The paper gets torn up and the bows end up tangled and squashed. You have to give the feline a strip of ribbon to get her to leave you alone long enough to tape the edges down on the box. It becomes quite a fiasco.

Speaking of boxes…Christmas morning, we throw all of our wrappings in a box for disposal. Guess who ends up in the box. Yup. The cat. So much for easy clean up. Wrapping paper and bows end up all over the floor, and by the time we’re finished, the box is destroyed.

And forget trying to take the tree down. As soon as we get ready to put ornaments away, the cat climbs in the box, intercepting our tree removal efforts.

I love my cats.  They provide daily entertainment, and at Christmas, they are especially amusing. But with cats in the house, I’m glad Christmas is only once a year.

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