Best Writing Websites of 2017

Stumbled upon this and thought some of you might find it helpful.  I’ve included a few more on the bottom of this page. Happy writing.

Best Writing Websites of 2017

For blogging tips, check out How to Write a Good Blog Post. It includes tips and links to other sites that give advice on getting readers to actually read your blog posts.

Rayne Hall’s Tips For Writers– Here you’ll find professional techniques to help you refine your writing project.

Bryn Donovan has a ton of helpful writing tips ranging from writing playlists to master lists of facial expressions and physical descriptions. She also has an entire segment on creating characters for a specific Zodiac sign. Her resources are invaluable.

If you need more help with character development, Ink and Quills has an entire page of information and resources. Other writing information is on there too. Just browse around and you’ll be sure to find something helpful.

Developing a writer’s platform is essential for any writer.  Your Writer Platform gives tips on how to effectively do that.

If you know of other great writing resources, please comment below. I’ll check them out and add them to the list.



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