Author Spotlight – Roxanne Walker


Author Spotlight

I’m excited to introduce you to Roxanne Walker, fellow teacher and author of The Disappearing Act. Roxanne, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I grew up in the carnival, which was the family business. After graduating I went to college. After which I got a job teaching English in South Korea which compelled me to pursue my Masters in Education upon my return. I have been teaching English ever since. 

Last year, to help inspire my students to write more, I told them that I would write with Roxanne Walkerthem and complete a story and publish it. It took me all year, but I completed my first book, The Disappearing Act by the end of the year and got hooked on storytelling! My leadership in writing earned me recognition from Ohio University where I got alumni of the month for leading my students through my own writing. I plan to complete my first series and write another!”

Let’s take a look at Roxanne’s book, The Disappearing Act.
The Disappearing Act: Act 1 by [Walker, R.L]Zoe is just your average teenage girl expecting another average, hot, boring summer working the family business, a traveling carnival business that is. It’s all fun and games, until her friends start to disappear. In order to save them she must accept her telepathic powers and help catch the kidnapper before it’s too late!
Review: What a fun little book! It has all the things you want from a book! Mystery, mayhem, crazy kidnappers, and telepaths! I really enjoyed the characters in this! I also loved the background setting of the Carnival/Fair. Roxanne knows all about this stuff so it was a real treat to learn more! Giving this 4/5 definitely recommend if you’ve got a kid in your life that’s looking for an adventure!
 The Disappearing Act is available for purchase through Amazon.

Roxanne is also working on the Mysteries at the Museum Series. Here’s a little sneak peak: Kai discovers someone is stealing artifacts while doing her internship to learn more about her heritage. Soon she makes the connection between the missing artifacts and the pipeline going through the Navajo reservation. Hopefully, she can expose the truth before her heritage is destroyed.

Mysteries at the Museum it’s scheduled to be completed by April 2018.

To learn more, visit Roxanne’s Amazon author page. You can also connect with her through Facebook  and Goodreads.

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