Where to Find Ideas for a Story

If you’re looking for story ideas or just want the neurons in your writing brain to fire, this is a great article. It has links to external sites that can offer more ideas too.

stacy benedict

man-1682385_640The Muse, he’s a flighty little minx.  One day he’s shirtless, flexing his pecs and driving you crazy with story ideas. The next day, he’s out all night with his drinking buddies, not answering your phone calls, and ignoring your texts even though it’s 3 a.m. and you’re on deadline.

Two weeks ago I was stuck without an idea for a short story.  My brain was an empty refrigerator with only moldy Havarti cheese and flat soda inside. Story inspiration can come from anywhere, photos, newspaper articles, or bits of conversations. I had tried everything to coax my muse out of hiding, online plot generators, pictures from Pinterest, Wikipedia searches, chocolate. Click after click on fantasy location images on DeviantArt yielded no results. Even when I had found something I liked, a first line didn’t materialize.

After three hours, I grew desperate.  My eyes were bloodshot.  Light from the computer screen…

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