Be Your Own Muse…💫

“Let go of this notion that you have to wait for the muse to show up before you have permission to be brilliant.” Read more about finding your muse in the article below.

Dina Al-Mahdy: Award-winning Writer and Translator

img_3922-1Many of us wait for inspiration to give us creative momentum. It sometimes feels as though inspiration is a mysterious force — sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t. But it isn’t something we have to wait for.

So what if we could summon our inner muse at will? What if each time we sat down to write, we could reach that magic zone where the words just spilled out onto the page?

I believe that what we often refer to as ‘the muse’ – the goddess or power that fuels our creativity – isn’t outside of us… It’s right here within us.

So here are some ways to summon your inner muse:

1. Keep a Journal.

Jot down the things that inspire or intrigue you. It could be anything—a quote from a famous person, an ad slogan or the fortune you receive in a Chinese fortunate cooking. Sometimes, the…

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