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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight returns with Rita Wilcox.

My first luau in my new island life!Rita Louise Wilcox was the oldest of five Irish Catholic children raised in East Texas. All were parochial school educated, which encouraged prolific writings from an early age. Summers were spent riding bikes through the woods, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, and generally enjoying the outdoors, sans television. It was a simpler time, without digital devices, where books were the only method to take you to faraway places. Imagination was an essential part of entertainment, so it was a time that encouraged much story telling. This story was not imagined, however, as Rita’s grandmother (aka Mamou) knew the remaining Russian royalty well. She befriended this family, transplanted from such a foreign world, because she was one to seek out the few available foreigners in an effort to broaden her knowledge of the world. As this Russian family learned to trust Mamou and her granddaughter Rita, they shared their amazing tale of escape from a certain death to a warm, welcoming land of hope. You can find out more about the author at her blog, islandwidow, followed by an international audience. She now teaches part-time in the Galveston ISD. Having shared her story with many in the classroom, she found two things important to the desire to read this story. The students loved the romantic story line and the fact that it was based on a true story. While Rita is new to the world of published literature, she has written her entire adult life, from high school newspapers to sailing club newsletters. She enjoys sharing stories collected over a very active lifetime.

Let’s take a look at her book, The Chronicles of Captain Vadim Alevsky: Traitor or Savior?

Have you wondered what life in Russia was before the Bolshevic Revolution? Page Vadim Alevsky takes you to a time where the Tsar reigned supreme, and the military academy was the best path to power and status, in an otherwise impoverished nation. Captain Vadim becomes one of the most successful World War I pilots of the newly-formed Russian Air Corps. More than that, he becomes the only possible savior of the Russian royal family. While this is an epic tale of one of the most savage and heart-wrenching government annihilations, there is an underlying romance that survives the test of separation and time. Those passionate about “against all odds” survival, and all who love a true romance, will find this novel difficult to put down. After thriving in the difficult and competitive military school environment, young Vadim becomes completely enamored with Russia’s Royal Family as their Page, and forms a special bond with the Duchess Anastasia. His journey through the First World War, involves drama and romance that is addictive to all who begin to read it. The story is especially targeting readers interested in adventure, romance, and a story with a moral to be learned from human history. Vadim leads an extraordinarily exciting life of adventure in the battlefield, as well as in the world of political intrigue. While Vadim’s world is different in many ways from the world of today’s youth, he struggles with many of the problems that plague all adolescents throughout the ages. Suffering through the pangs of a first love, bullying by classmates at an early age, and the relentless competition to make the grade in school, all mold a strong and empathetic character in young Vadim. Captain Vadim becomes an inspiration to all who read of his adventures, as he develops into a strong moral character that you will be glad you met. This story is based on a true story told to me by my grandmother many years ago. She met the Russian family who witnessed this account, and they were kind enough to share the truth with her. Considering the potential harm the family would suffer at the hands of the KGB, if found out, they must have had a great deal of trust in my Mamou.


The Chronicles of Captain Vadim Alevsky: Traitor or Savior? can be purchased through Amazon.

She is currently working on a sequel book, The Chronicles of Captain Vadim Alevsky: Coming to America.  It should be published toward the end of 2018.

Connect with Rita through her blog at


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