In Honor of National Poetry Month


Yellow is a bright, sunny day,
Baby ducks come out to play.
Green is full of life in spring.
A joyous tune echoes
From every tree as yellow birds sing
Their song of life.
Brightly colored daffodils
Pop open their lively petals.
Their noses protrude, smelling the fresh scent
Of newly mowed grass.
Yellow canaries chirp in the sun,
Flying from budded branch to budded branch,
Enjoying the green scene before them.
Yellow monarchs flutter near leaves of green.
Soft breezes blow over the pond
Where green frogs play in the warm sun all day.
Children sell yellow lemonade,
Collecting dollars, green in their pockets.
Yellow bees buzz,
And green grasshoppers hop about,
While I dance around joyfully
To celebrate the season.
My yellow hair glows in the sunlight;
My green eyes feast upon the day.
Joy and beauty fill the air-
Greens and yellows everywhere.

-L.M. Nelson

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