Weathered Hearts

I don’t mean to bring you misery,
I don’t want to cause you pain,
I want to give you sunshine,
Instead I bring in floods of rain.
Flowers bloom around you,
They smile, laugh, and cheer.
But when the moon of me surrounds
Their sunny laughter disappears.
I love you more than I can tell you,
More than words can ever express,
Though I try to give you sunshine,
Fogs of denseness make a mess.
I want to understand you,
Want to see your point of view,
But the minute I unlock the door,
It bolts back up like glue.
My head just doesn’t get it,
My heart is aching too,
It seems the more I try to help,
The less you want me to.
I want so much to be the one
Who always makes you smile,
I try to lift you up inside,
Yet you walk the lonely mile.
I am always by your side,
Though you may not think it’s true,
I just wish my sun could lift the rain
So you can see it too.
I want to be your sunny day,
I don’t mean to be your rain,
But if a storm comes crashing down
Like a locomotive train,
I’ll umbrella you with love
And try my best to understand,
In the end, when thunder frightens you,
I’ll be there to hold your hand.
Let me take away your misery,
Let me take away your pain,
Let me bring to you my sunshine,
And we’ll dry up all the rain.

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