Author Spotlight – Melanie Nowak


Author Spotlight

Welcome back to another Author Spotlight. This week, I will feature two authors. The first is Melanie Nowak.

melanieMelanie Nowak is author of the venomous vampire series ALMOST HUMAN, and a happily married mom of two boys. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science. Originally a Long Islander, she now lives with her family on a peaceful mountaintop in the forest of upstate New York. She has always had a vivid imagination and a fascination for the paranormal. Acting and singing are loves of hers as well. However, upon conceiving the idea for her ALMOST HUMAN series in 2003, she discovered a previously unknown passion for writing! Now she puts her over-active imagination to good use, creating characters she loves, and she gets to play all of the parts!

A word from the author:

“Hi – I’m Melanie Nowak, author of the venomous vampire series ALMOST HUMAN. The story may be read either as two trilogies of epic novels (available digitally and in print worldwide) OR as a series of 21 episodic novellas (available in print and on KU). Both are the same story – feast on novels or snack on bite-sized novellas, pick your poison!

I am a completely independent author, doing everything for the series myself, from writing, to editing, cover design and marketing – I am a one woman show! It is hard work, but although I have received offers from publishing houses for the series, none have yet been tempting enough for me to relinquish my complete control – a labor of love for these characters I adore!

I currently have 2 completed series in my venomous vampire saga. While both follow the same characters chronologically, you can begin the Second series without having read the First (although you wouldn’t want to miss out on the juicy back-story!).

Don’t hesitate to send a friend request – I love meeting new readers!”

On that note, let’s take a look at her series.


ALMOST HUMAN – The First Series, set around a small upstate college town, is a paranormal romantic fantasy of drama, angst and action. An elder vampire struggles with his faith, his crusade to mentor others, and his attraction to a young college woman, who is trying to navigate the hurdles of dealing with her peers, her job, vampires, zombies, and…college.


ALMOST HUMAN – The Second Series has more of a paranormal urban fantasy feel, still filled with drama, action and romance, the viewpoints broaden to include more of an ensemble cast of vampires and humans who have traveled beyond college to navigate adulthood, and discover paranormal abilities previously unknown. They must learn to master the difficult nuances of balancing thirst, power and…marriage. Oh, and they may just have to save the world.


ALMOST HUMAN ~ The First Series


Part 1: Captivating Vampires

Part 2: Tempting Transgressions

Part 3: Venomous Revelations


Part 1: Persistent Persuasion

Part 2: Telling Tales

Part 3: Battles and Bliss


Part 1: Ecstasy Unleashed

Part 2: Stakes and Sunshine

Part 3: Evolution of Love

ALMOST HUMAN ~ The Second Series


Part 1: Vampiress Rising

Part 2: Exceeding Expectations

Part 3: Coping with Chaos

Part 4: Vampire Vertigo


Part 1: Determining Desires

Part 2: Undying Devotion

Part 3: Emotional Maelstrom

Part 4: Crossing the Line


Part 1: Home of the Bloodthirsty

Part 2: Enemies and Allies

Part 3: Vicious Survival

Part 4: Divining Destiny

ALMOST HUMAN ~ The Third Series


Part 1: Uniting Vampires

There are two different ways to read ALMOST HUMAN. There are 6 full novels (2 trilogies), which are quite long, and they were later broken up to also be published as 21 novellas. You can read the story in a feast of novels or as bite-sized novellas – pick your poison! The first trilogy of novels is available in an Omnibus Edition as well.

I recently released another novella: UNITING VAMPIRES – part 1 of my next upcoming novel, VAMPIRESS REIGNING. There will be two more novellas coming out this year. Then all three of those novellas will be combined for the release of the full novel.

This year also marks the 10 year anniversary of the publication of the first trilogy! To celebrate, all of the novels are being re-released in newly edited and formatted editions with beautiful new covers!

Re-release date is set for July 27th!


Excerpt from FATAL INFATUATION – book 1 of ALMOST HUMAN – The First Trilogy by Melanie Nowak

 Felicity studied the vampire for a moment as he read the inside jacket cover of the book. He looked like an ordinary guy. Okay well, maybe not ordinary. He looked like an extremely attractive guy. Early twenties probably, broad shoulders, very nice build. How could she be expected to fear someone so achingly gorgeous? His hair fell down into his eyes as he looked at the book and he absently swiped it aside, although it fell back again almost immediately. He was a little pale, but he certainly didn’t look supernatural. He looked up from the book to find her staring at him. She quickly searched for something to say. “I suppose you’ll be taking it over to the café?”

“Mr. predictable, that’s me,” Cain answered with a chuckle.

Why should tonight be any different from the last few…just because she now knew what he was? “Right.” She had an odd thought as she swept the change from the counter. “Do you actually drink coffee, or is that just for show?”

He seemed to find her inquiry amusing. She supposed such a direct question might be considered rude, but she couldn’t help wondering. “I can drink what I like.”

She came out from behind the register and began walking him over to the café. She noticed Ben staring, but ignored him. The presence of the man beside her commanded her full attention. “So what do you do besides drink coffee and read?”

He looked a little sobered by the question. “Fight.”

“Other vampires?” she asked quietly.

His gaze travelled over her seductively. “Temptation mostly.”

She wasn’t sure whether to melt or shudder.


ALMOST HUMAN is available through Amazon.


For more information or to connect with Melanie, visiter her website, Amazon author page, Facebook, Twitter, or Goodreads






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