Author Spotlight – Gail Olmsted


Author Spotlight

Welcome back to another episode of Author Spotlight. This week, the spotlight shines on Gail Olmsted.

gailA family trip to Sedona, AZ prompted Gail to start writing JEEP TOUR, her first novel. She fell in love with the red rocks and blue skies. Her second novel is Guessing at Normal, a rock and roll love story. Driving on the Left, a romantic sequel of sorts to JEEP TOUR is based in Ireland. Her latest novel is Second Guessing, a contemporary romance. A hopeless romantic, she is married to the love of her life. She is a mom to two young adults and two crazy cats, and enjoys reading, music, and travel.   

Let’s take a look at her books:


To move forward, you need to let go of the past…. Jackie Sullivan decides it’s time for a fresh start, after her marriage falls apart and she loses her job.  Meeting a sexy tour guide inspires her to build a new life for herself among the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. But Jackie is looking for more than just romance. Fueled by an unflagging sense of humor and lots of caffeine, she sets out on a journey of self-discovery and she plans to get it right this time. Jackie’s had her happy, now she wants her ever after!

Jeep Tour
 is available for purchase through Amazon



Jill Griffin has mastered the art of being invisible, so when she falls in love with sexy normalrocker James Sheridan, at first she is content to live in his larger than life shadow. Building a ‘normal’ life together under the glare of the media is challenging and further complicated by constant touring, James’ partying and the mixed signals she gets from James’ twin brother Alex.

When her poems and journal ramblings become the songs on James’ best-selling album, Jill has to step out of her comfort zone and figure out how to live her life in a spotlight all her own. With no road map to follow, she struggles to navigate her way in her search for happiness.  As her professional success threatens her relationship with James, Jill questions whether she can make a living writing love songs without the love of her life.

You can purchase Guessing at Normal on Amazon


DRIVING ON THE LEFTDriving on the Left-2

 A trip of a lifetime and a love that changes everything…

Becca Colby was not expecting to fall in love while vacationing in Ireland with her mother, yet she falls hard for sexy tour guide Sean Donovan. He’s everything she never knew she wanted, but a summer fling is a complication that she really doesn’t need right now. Becca’s got a life waiting for her back home, but Sean may be just too good to resist.

Her mom Jackie knows all too well how a seductive stranger can change the entire course of your life, so how can she advise her daughter to resist Sean’s charms? And besides, Jackie has a problem of her own. She needs to decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice for the man she loves.

Driving on the Left celebrates the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter: two women with only one week to make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives as they travel through the beautiful Irish countryside.

Driving on the Left is available on  Amazon



secondJill Griffin & Ben Fein are meant to be together… said no one ever!

Jill has built a successful career writing romantic ballads for many of today’s top performers. Since the tragic end of her marriage a couple years back, the 40-something single mom has all but abandoned hope for a love story of her own.

Ben is a brash, young boy-band singer seeking a solo career who hires Jill to write for him. The attraction between the two is red-hot and when Ben falls hard for Jill, he doesn’t care who knows it. Jill’s been burned before and wants to take things slow, keeping their relationship out of the glare of the media. After a gossip columnist exposes their affair, she has to decide if she is willing to risk everything on a future with Ben.

When a dark secret from Ben’s past makes headlines, Jill begins to wonder how well she really knows him. But as Ben climbs to the top of the pop charts, he’s determined to succeed…at convincing Jill to take a second chance on love.

Second Guessing is the story of Jill and Ben, who are so wrong for each other that they may actually be right!

You can find Second Guessing on Amazon

For more information or to connect with Gail, visit her WebsiteAmazon author pageTwitterFacebook, Goodreads, or Email her at

Author Spotlight – Matthew Olney


Author Spotlight

matthewThis week’s author spotlight is on Matthew Olney.

Matthew lives in Bristol in the South West of England with his wife Chloe. By day, he works as a copywriter for an international company, but at night he writes novels. He is the author of the epic Sundered Crown Saga and the Empowered Ones series.

The first book in the Empowered Ones series is The First Fear

The Supreme rules the world.

For centuries the Supreme has reigned with an iron fist. The people are slaves tofirst fear her whim and at the mercy of her followers who revere her as their goddess. Using a supernatural ability, known as the ‘Power’ she is able to channel emotions and convert them into superhuman abilities.

Some Resist.

Not all live their lives in servitude. A few rare people also possess the Power and try to fight. These Empowered Ones are hunted mercilessly by the Supreme and her servants, for she knows the threat they pose to her will. None has dared to challenge her outright. That is until now.

Elian, a young boy living at the edge of the Imperium discovers he too possesses the Power with devastating consequences for both himself and the girl he loves. On the run, they encounter a ragtag band of resistance fighters called the Liberators. Among their ranks are others with the gift and their leader Vavius who believes that the key to overthrowing the Supreme lies in the ruins of the ravaged lands of the once mighty Kingdom of Aeranyth.

Pursued and hunted for their gifts by the sinister First Fear and the Hollowed, the world’s fate rests in the hands of the Empowered Ones.

The First Fear is available on Amazon

Sundered Crown Saga includes the first three books in the epic Sundered Crown Saga plus olneyThe Nightblade prequel novella.

The royal family of Delfinnia is assassinated, sparking a conflict that engulfs the realm – the War of the Six Claimants. Amongst the chaos, dark things are stirring: in the mountainous lands of Eclin, the ancient N’gist cult rises, setting its evil plans in motion. A diverse group of heroes oppose them: Luxon Edioz, the first wizard seen in an age; Ferran of Blackmoor, a legendary monster-killer; Sophia Cunning, a retired witch-hunter; and Kaiden, a noble knight of the Order of Niveren. The Sundered Crown Saga is a tale of magic, monsters and epic battles.

Grab your copy on Amazon

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Author Spotlight – Frank Martin


Author Spotlight

frankWelcome back! Today’s spotlight is on Frank Martin. Frank is a comic writer and author that is not as crazy as his work makes him out to be…seriously.

Since his writing career began, he’s had multiple short stories published in horror anthologies by both Burning Willow Press and Stitched Smile Publications. Frank has also had comic shorts appear in the “fluff noir” anthology series Torsobear and Insane Asylum published by Insane Comics.

Also published by Insane Comics, Frank writes and produces the comic anthology series Modern Testament, which features a wide ensemble of artists throughout its four volumes. Frank’s most recent novel, Mountain Sickness, was published last year by Severed Press.

Frank currently lives in New York with his wife and three kids.

Mountain Sicknessmountain

 Telluride, Colorado. A winter paradise unlike any other. Nestled into a remote canyon of the Rocky Mountains, the old Western mining town rose from the ashes to become a high society ski retreat catering to the rich and famous. But when a mysterious plague starts turning civilized people into ravaging fiends, the resort’s isolation becomes its curse. Struggling through blizzard and whiteout conditions, a band of scattered survivors, guests and locals alike, are forced to work together to keep their friends and family alive. However, with the decomposing horde of bloodthirsty zombies continuing to grow, those still uninfected by the disease must make a choice: escape or prevent this mountain sickness from reaching the world outside.

Grab your copy on Amazon

skinSkin Deep/Ordinary Monsters

 What happens when an overbearing family drives a teenage girl into the arms of a mysterious, pale stranger? How can a high school junior explain having strange dreams of a Nazi concentration camp after being bitten by his neighbor’s monstrous dog? And who will win when two iconic creatures of the night clash on a desolate WWI battlefield? Dive into a world of werewolves and vampires with SKIN DEEP and ORDINARY MONSTERS, two standalone stories featured in a dual novella from author Frank Martin. And don’t forget to check out the bonus comic short HORRORS OF WAR found in both ends of this double-sided work of pulp and terror.
Skin Deep is available for purchase through Amazon.

He currently has a Kickstarter campaign running for his comic, Modern Testament: The Complete Ethereal Collection. Angels, Demons, Four Horsemen, and more enter our modern world in 15 standalone short stories illustrated by a wide range of artists.



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Is it still a dream if you can never wake up from it…or a prison? Find out in your FREE short story at the link below.




Author Spotlight – Jacqueline Church Simonds


Author Spotlight

jackieThis week’s spotlight is on Jacqueline Church Simonds. Jacqueline Church Simonds is an author and publishing consultant. Her first published book was CAPTAIN MARY, BUCCANEER, a historical adventure novel loosely based on the real pirate women Ann Bonney and Mary Reade.

Simonds has done the usual authorly wanderings in life: she was a lady’s companion, a sound and lights roadie for a small Southern rock band, and managed an antiques shop. She’s sold everything from computers to 1950s pulp magazines to towels and baby clothes. The one constant in her life is a love of words, books and writing. She sold some short stories and poetry early, but didn’t pursue it until later in life.

She has had a life-long love of King Arthur and was always drawn to novels about that great hero. Finally, she sat down and wrote stories from her own point of view.

She lives in Reno, Nevada with her husband and beagle.

Let’s take a look at her book, THE MIDSUMMER WIFE, Book One of the Heirs to Camelot series

wifeAfter a nuclear attack on London that heralds The Time Foretold, Ava Cerdwin, the anxiety-ridden high priestess in charge of fulfilling a 1500 year old prophesy, must assist the heirs of King Arthur and Merlin in healing the devastated country. The descendants of Britain’s great men of legend have kept the myths and relics for 61 generations, but no one is quite clear on what they must do next. Nothing goes as planned: Ava falls for the wrong heir, the panic attacks are getting worse, the complex obligations of reincarnation are straining old relationships, and Morgaine and her henchwomen are trying to kill them. Somehow, some way, Ava has to make the Healing happen, or Britain is finished. The Midsummer Wife, Book One of the Heirs to Camelot, is an Urban Fantasy that combines Arthurian lore, love, and a race to a breathtaking finish.

Here’s an Excerpt:

Duke Drunemeton, the first son of the first son of the first son ad nauseum cleared his throat. “Erm, yes. But—and I realize this is obvious—I note you’re not a first or second son.”

“Not all families of the lineage are under the same structure, Your Grace.”

“It never occurred to me until this moment that there were any other families…Cousin,” he said with his lips curled up at the corners.

Ava laughed. No one told me he has a sense of humor! Maybe this will turn out all right, after all. “We’re related so far back, you probably have more genetic history in common with your chef than me.”

“May I ask the sire your branch comes from?”

“Not the sire,” she said. “I’m descended from Anya’s daughter, Arianrhod.”

He looked somewhat nonplused. “And the House of Arianrhod is commanded to do…what?”

“Fulfill Mother Anya’s vision for her line―to see the descendant of King Arthur return, served by the descendant of Merlin’s wisdom.”

He swallowed hard.

Ava had read that outside of the Sacred Grotto, no one in the families was permitted to speak those words aloud. “Almost fifteen hundred years ago, Anya, a priestess and healer of the Rus, fell in love with both Merlin and King Arthur, and eventually had sons by both. You, Duke Drunemeton, are the descendant of Merlin. The Earl of Steadbye, whom I hope to meet soon, is the descendant of King Arthur.”

He gasped. “How do you—?”

Ava rushed on, “Duke Drunemeton, these are The Days Foretold. As was written in the books you guard, this in the hour ‘when the King and Merlin shall come again and, with the Oathstone, heal the Land and its People.’ And as you are well aware, the ‘Once and Future King,’ as the author T. H. White called him, is in waiting nearby. All we need do now is locate the Oathstone. Then we can help Britain heal and regain its place in the world.”

The duke stood up slowly and walked like a mechanical toy around the desk. He stood over her, radiating both fear and outrage. “How? You can’t possibly…” He was struggling to steady himself.

Have I gone too far, too fast?

“Who are you?” he demanded.

“Ava Cerdwen—Arianrhod’s heir.”

Ava decided a strategic retreat was in order. She stood up and drew her purse strap over her shoulder—the universal gesture that the interview was over. “I can see you need time to consider what I’ve said. My driver will stop back here tonight in case you want to reach me. I won’t be far. We’ll speak again when you’ve had time to let this sink in. I know it’s a shock, keeping a secret for so very, very long, then discovering others know, too.”

She rested her fingers gently on his arm, which was swathed in an expensive camel hair jacket. There was a momentary spark, as if she had just run across the thick Aubusson carpet in slippers before she put her hand there. It was unexpected, but also another hopeful sign.

He paled, and she could feel him tremble.

“Don’t let fear overwhelm you. We must act as we’ve been trained to do since birth—and soon.” She turned and walked out of the office.

Ava could feel his raw emotions behind her. He was paralyzed with fear and confusion.

Not good.

Not good at all.

She went out of the house, emotions zinging between terror and…well, not triumph. But ever so slightly hopeful she had succeeded in starting the critical dialogue. She was amused all over again at the car her “chauffeur” chose―a black 1930s Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Who rides around in such a thing? Well, me, I guess. The duke appeared in the rainy forecourt. His eyes were a bit wild. “Ava!” he shouted. The duke seemed to realize he was attracting attention from the pair of sodden gardeners nearby.Stepping closer to the Rolls, he whispered, “How do I know I can trust you?” Smiling confidently at him, she slid into the car. It started up immediately. She said to his mind: Because we are family


“Sex, magic, and power collide in this [Urban] Fantasy that begins when a devastating terrorist attack on modern London sparks the long-foretold return of King Arthur to heal Britain. Simonds boldly continues the Arthurian saga into the present day, as heirs to Arthur, Merlin, and the woman both men once loved struggle to understand and fulfill their destinies and outwit the sinister agenda of the sorceress Morgaine.” ~ Lisa Jensen, author Alias Hook and Beast: A Love Story

“Imaginative, mesmerizing, and emotionally complex, Simonds’ unique story boldly expands the Arthurian legend into exciting new territory. The fantastical elements—rituals from old Celtic religions, dark magic, forces of fate—are well drawn and skillfully integrated into a contemporary setting. And then there’s the romance… the palpable chemistry between Ava and Ron (the Arthur heir), complicated by their respective destinies, makes their relationship a riveting read.” ~ Mary Fan, author of Starswept, Artificial Absolutes

Special Notes: Cliffhanger ending; MC Ava Cerdwen has an anxiety disorder; Ron Steadbye is biracial (British-Zimbabwean); tattoos play a part in the story; non-Christian/pagan religion featured; sex-positive romance, but not erotica.

To learn more about or to purchase The Midsummer Wife, visit Vagabondage Press/Strange Fiction Press, Jacqueline’s Author website, her GoodReads Page, or Amazon

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Author Spotlight – Bria Lexor


Author Spotlight

It’s time for another Author Spotlight. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Bria Lexor.

briaBria is a multi-published popular YA author of Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. Bria has always had a fascination with the supernatural and the paranormal as well as folklore. She enjoys watching creepy ghost shows and is obsessed with anime and wrestling (The WWE). She started writing song lyrics at the age of 4 and was a rapper in a Hip-Hop group Called: Mount West. Bria was inspired to become a writer after reading novels like Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale by Holly Black, The Resident Evil series by S.D. Perry and the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead. A lifelong reader, Bria also became an author after wanting to become a Manga Comic Book Creator as she also draws her own characters for her stories. Born and raised in Colorado, she works on many new Series full-time.

Let’s take a look at her books

Gargoyle Redemption


A rising star…

Shinka Fox is an up-and-coming teenage Pop Star who’s struggling to fit in at school. Little does she know, her not-so-ordinary life is about to be turned upside down when she meets Abel Lapis, an attractive young man who harbors a secret that could change her world forever.

A dangerous gift…

But Abel isn’t the only one with a secret. Shinka has something that an underground group known as The Hunters wants and will do anything to get. Will Shinka survive long enough to see her career take flight? And will the mysterious Abel Lapis help save her?
The Gargoyle Redemption Trilogy is romance author Bria Lexor’s debut into the world of Paranormal Suspense, where she takes her readers on a fast-paced ride of mystery, romance, and all things dark and powerful.



I LOOKED AROUND as I suddenly heard stone cracking and looked down to see it crumble to the ground. The creatures began to awaken from their slumber, one by one.  I could feel the fear start to rise in my chest. I turned to the one person who would protect me, and to my horror, he began to transform into one of those creatures. I slowly backed away from him, and my back hit the cold cement wall with a hard thud. I quickly climbed onto the ledge and turned around to face him. As I stood, I lost my balance and began to fall. I saw my life flash before my eyes, and I began to scream knowing I was about to die. Was this the end of my brief existence as I knew it? I looked up to see a dark shadowy figure falling and he grabbed me by my hand. He pulled me close to him. I could hear his heart beating within his chest. When we landed, he removed his arms from around my body. I was shaking violently from the incident. I finally calmed myself down and looked up into my Savior’s eyes. He looked deep into mine and smiled. I realized I knew his secret, and a huge clawed hand came towards my face. I shut my eyes and waited to die …

The Gargoyle Redemption Trilogy Purchase Links:

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Amazon International

Upcoming release – Rise of the Fallen!

rise of fallenAll the King’s horses, and all the King’s men, couldn’t put the kingdoms together again…
Purchase Links:

Pre-Order Today! All Proceeds are donated to Save The Children Organization! Release Date: August 12th, 2018!


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Author Spotlight – John McKay


Author Spotlight

Welcome to another Author Spotlight. Today’s spotlight shines on Pretoria, South Africa based writer, John McKay. John writes historical fiction and science fiction. He is currently a teacher in a local primary school. His previous publishing credits include The N Days through Night Chaser Ink Publishing in Australia. His second series, The Venom Protocols, was a Summer Indie awards winner in 2016.

Here’s the blurb:

venom“You should have left me alone.”

Charlotte Corday was once called the most dangerous woman on the planet by the FBI until she retired. But it’s not so easy to remain retired when the past is determined to drag her back into the hell she wanted to leave behind her.

To uncover the origins of the mysterious Valkyrie program, Charlotte fights through her own dark past, dredged up by those determined to keep her out of retirement… or out of the business permanently…and to find solace in her own razor blade filled mind. Her own words—her own warning—will come to haunt them.

They should have listened.

Let’s take a look inside:

He never had the chance to finish his sentence. My hand was a blur as the pen streaked across the room and embedded itself deeply in his forehead, his eyes went wide with shock before he slumped forward from the chair and fell to the floor. I lifted him up by his now bloody collar and looked him deeply in the eyes.

“Damn you for doing this, damn you.” I raged between clenched teeth, knowing that my life on the island was over. I had been compromised and I had maybe twenty minutes tops before this place would be swarming with government agents.

Move Charlie move. There was no time to waste and every moment counted. I ripped the back of the painting open and removed a stack of dollar bills and two unused British passports from the back. Grabbing a nearby bug out bag with extra clothing and supplies, I headed to the kitchen and ripped out the main gas line before lighting a packet of matches. With one last look over my shoulder, I left my life behind, the glow of the burning beach house lighting up the streaks of tears running down my face.

I had to find Katherine and get off the island as soon as possible. All hell was about to be unleashed and I had no choice but to run again. Run and hope these bastards didn’t find me again. Was it too much to ask to live in peace? Too much to be left alone? To be happy again?

Don’t think, just run. There is still time for you to get away. Run and never look back.

But even as I raced across the dark sand with the sounds of fire engines howling in the distance and a burning building behind me, I knew the bitter truth was staring me squarely in the face. My demons were alive and well and they were coming for me again.

Charlie O’Donnell is dead.

My name is Charlotte Corday.

I am an assassin.

The Venom Protocols is available for purchase on Amazon UKAmazon USKoboGoogle Play, and Smashwords

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Author Spotlight – Michael Timmins


Author Spotlight


For this week’s Author Spotlight, I’d like to introduce you to Michael Timmins.

Michael lives in Toledo, Ohio with his wife and two sons. His inspiration for writing came from his many years making modules to run for his D&D group. It has been a dream of his to one day get his work published, and now with ease of self-publishing he has made his dream come true.

Let’s Take a Look at His Books

The Awakening: Part One

War begins with an awakening…

Two millennia ago, a bloody civil war was fought between two Druidesses. Lycans were created to fight this war.

Now, four individuals struggle to cope as ancient powers are awoken inside of them as they shift for the first time. Their lives are thrown into chaos as they learn to control these new powers. Their only hope to survive is to master the beast within as the Druidesses who fought the ancient war have awoken again to do battle here and now.

The Awakening: Part Two
awake 2

The world is awakening

The monsters of myths and fairytales walk among us.

While Clint, Shae, Kat and Blain awaken to their powers, the others have too. Realizing that they are not like everyone else, and that they aren’t alone.

Samuel, who was once known as Syndor, has managed to survive all these years preparing for Kestrel’s spell and her arrival.
Five of the original eight bloodlines have awoken, but what of the others? How will their awakening happen?

Sylvanis continues to grow at a rapid rate, much to the bafflement of her parents, but her body recognizes the need and responds. Now, she must make a desperate gamble to call out to her Lycans, knowing Kestrel will be able to find her if she does.

Blood has been spilled already, but the war has only just begun!

Purchase links:

The Awakening Part One

The Awakening Part Two

NEW RELEASE! Prelude to the Shards


Three exciting tales set in the world of Ismia. A world ruled by the Witches of the Coven. A world of forbidden magics and dark plots. Welcome, to Ismia.


Quint is accused of murdering his love.

Innocent, and on the run, his only hope to seek the counsel of the Witch of Time, whose ability to delve a person’s timeline is the only way to prove his innocence.

With the help of his unique companion, Wren, he must travel to Covenhome, the seat of power for the Coven. Hunted by a man for his own dark purposes, Quint must elude capture and avoid becoming a pawn in a much larger game.

prelude 2

Race of the Witchguard
Who will be chosen to become a Witchguard?
For generations, the Race has been an important event on the isle of Hail. Men and women compete to be chosen for the Witchguard, the protectors of the Coven.

For Sojin and Lyyra this year’s Race was to be like all of the Races of the past, but a mysterious stranger is about to change everything they thought they knew and believed.

prelude 3

A Town Called Ghost

Ghost isn’t like other towns.

Once it was a thriving port on a vast lake. When the lake mysteriously dried up, so did the town. Once rich and prosperous, it became a town for the lost and forgotten.

A place where, for a price, anything can be had. A place ruled by gangs and thieves.

Whisp isn’t like other thieves.

Barely into her teens, her skill far exceeds her age. That’s because Whisp has a secret- she wields Essence magic, one of the magics forbidden by the Coven.

Now, the Shen, the magic hunters, have come for her, but they have made a mistake. They came to Ghost, and this is her town.

prelude 4

Prelude to the Shards is on sale through pre-order for $2.99 through August 3rd.

Prelude to the Shards Coven Anthology

Along with the release of this book, Micheal is hosting a giveaway. Anyone who likes Michael’s Facebook page and posts a screenshot of the purchase of Prelude to the Shards, he will gift them a copy of his first book, The Awakening: Part One.

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