Author Spotlight – Frank Martin


Author Spotlight

frankWelcome back! Today’s spotlight is on Frank Martin. Frank is a comic writer and author that is not as crazy as his work makes him out to be…seriously.

Since his writing career began, he’s had multiple short stories published in horror anthologies by both Burning Willow Press and Stitched Smile Publications. Frank has also had comic shorts appear in the “fluff noir” anthology series Torsobear and Insane Asylum published by Insane Comics.

Also published by Insane Comics, Frank writes and produces the comic anthology series Modern Testament, which features a wide ensemble of artists throughout its four volumes. Frank’s most recent novel, Mountain Sickness, was published last year by Severed Press.

Frank currently lives in New York with his wife and three kids.

Mountain Sicknessmountain

 Telluride, Colorado. A winter paradise unlike any other. Nestled into a remote canyon of the Rocky Mountains, the old Western mining town rose from the ashes to become a high society ski retreat catering to the rich and famous. But when a mysterious plague starts turning civilized people into ravaging fiends, the resort’s isolation becomes its curse. Struggling through blizzard and whiteout conditions, a band of scattered survivors, guests and locals alike, are forced to work together to keep their friends and family alive. However, with the decomposing horde of bloodthirsty zombies continuing to grow, those still uninfected by the disease must make a choice: escape or prevent this mountain sickness from reaching the world outside.

Grab your copy on Amazon

skinSkin Deep/Ordinary Monsters

 What happens when an overbearing family drives a teenage girl into the arms of a mysterious, pale stranger? How can a high school junior explain having strange dreams of a Nazi concentration camp after being bitten by his neighbor’s monstrous dog? And who will win when two iconic creatures of the night clash on a desolate WWI battlefield? Dive into a world of werewolves and vampires with SKIN DEEP and ORDINARY MONSTERS, two standalone stories featured in a dual novella from author Frank Martin. And don’t forget to check out the bonus comic short HORRORS OF WAR found in both ends of this double-sided work of pulp and terror.
Skin Deep is available for purchase through Amazon.

He currently has a Kickstarter campaign running for his comic, Modern Testament: The Complete Ethereal Collection. Angels, Demons, Four Horsemen, and more enter our modern world in 15 standalone short stories illustrated by a wide range of artists.



Connect with Frank through his websiteFacebook,Twitter, or Instagram

Is it still a dream if you can never wake up from it…or a prison? Find out in your FREE short story at the link below.




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