Author Spotlight – Melissa Macfie


Author Spotlight

This week’s author spotlight shines on Melissa Macfie.

melFor most of her life, Melissa has pursued artistic endeavors such and drawing, painting, and sculpting. She holds a M.Ed. in English Education from the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University, and has spent the last eighteen years as a public school English teacher. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Donald. Their children, Elizabeth and Donald, are grown and pursuing their own dreams.


 When she made the decision to begin writing, it was a foregone conclusion that the world Melissa would create would delve into fantasy and magical realism. Ever since she was a little girl, she was fascinated with the extraordinary in everyday life. Rainbows, birth, the affinity some seem to have with animals, to name a few—all scientifically explained, but yet there was still something more to each. Call it magic, miracle, or divine intervention; it is a mystery for which she doesn’t want or need a plausible explanation.  Melissa would much rather think of what we conceive as reality as layered, and much like the color spectrum, we, with our imperfect eyes, cannot see all. There may be multiple layers for all we know, but the most real is our everyday life. We know this reality all too well—struggling pay our bills, find a job we can at least tolerate, raise our kids, and find a healthy relationship. It’s easy to lose ourselves here, but there are glimpses and traces of something else, another layer. This is the mystery; in it lay coincidence, destiny, and purpose. This is what Melissa hopes to explore through imagination.

The Celtic Prophecy

Fate’s Hand: Book 1 of The Celtic Prophecy

fatesShe came to Salem to start a new life, but the gods have other plans.

The Coven, a group of Druid leaders initially tasked with protecting the balance, has been polluted by greed. Their leader, Cormac McBrehon covertly plans to steal the abilities of the next high priestess if only he could find her.

Alex Sinclair is weary after 600 years of searching for a legend, for that is who she must be. Having nothing but a vague reference from ancient prophecy and the cruel insistence of the gods, he has combed the centuries for her. Racing, with life or death hanging in the balance, he must find her first.

Brenawyn McAllister has come back to the fabled city of witches to the only family she has left: her grandmother. From the onset of her move, she is accosted and pursued, identified through obscure visions as a potential, though she knows nothing of magic. A devoted Catholic, Brenawyn questions her faith when too many events, irreconcilable with her own beliefs, refuse to be ignored.

Can Alex convince Brenawyn that she is the woman for whom he has been searching? Can he teach her to use her powers in time to defend against the Coven?


Reliquary’s Choice: Book 2 of The Celtic Prophecy

Brenawyn knows loss. Her mother, her father, her husband…she can’t let Alex die, too.choice

With the Coven closing in, Alex flees with Brenawyn to Tir-Na-Nog, even though he knows he is setting her on a path of no return. Brenawyn must say goodbye to her family forever and traverse time. She is the only one who can fulfill an ancient prophecy.

But what is Alex hiding? Has he condemned Brenawyn to serve the gods forever? Or will the depth of his sacrifice bring salvation to them both?

In Book Two of The Celtic Prophecy, Alex prepares Brenawyn to travel to ancient Scotland to claim her rightful place.

Oracle’s Curse: Book 3 of The Celtic Prophecy

oracleBrenawyn has made impossible promises. She has agreed to become the Druid high priestess, she has agreed to restore the balance between worlds, she has promised to save Alexander from a century’s old curse, and to top it all off, the god Finvarra has just dropped her 600 years in past so that she can fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Now she must make impossible choices: between saving her lover or rescuing her best friend, between staying in the past or returning to the present. But most of all, she must choose who she will become.

Oracle’s Curse, the third book in The Celtic Prophecy series, takes the reader on a journey to a world of dark magic, a world where dangers abound and Brenawyn has no one to trust.

The Celtic Prophecy books are available on Amazon

Amergin’s Covenant: Book 4 of The Celtic Prophecy will be published in November 2018.


You can connect with Melissa on FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads, check out her website, or sign up for her newsletter


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