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Author Spotlight

harryhooverWelcome back to this week’s episode of Author Spotlight, featuring Harry Hoover. Harry is a self-improvement author, freelance writer/copywriter, blogger and content developer. He writes on self-improvement topics, business and marketing, social media, and tourism.

The 1976 graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill studied broadcast journalism and political science. After graduation, he spent six years as a radio and newspaper journalist, covering cops and courts, hosting a daily call-in talk show, serving as a columnist and managing editor, as well as performing color commentator duties for UNCC basketball.

He was a government public information officer, then worked at a PR firm and an advertising agency, prior to starting his own agency in 2001. Harry started marketing agency, My Creative Team, in 2007. He has stepped down from daily duties with the agency and has returned full-time to his first love: writing.

Harry publishes You, Improved, a blog designed to help readers improve their bodies, minds, spirits, and lives. Harry and his wife, Terry, a mystery author, live near Lake Norman where they are often visited by their son, daughter and grandsons.

Get Glad: Your Practical Guide To A Happier Life 

GET GLAD 500x750 border

Quotes from Get Glad

Gratitude is the shortest path to happiness.

Happiness comes when you are grateful for what you have and not grasping for what you don’t.

The first battle when you are unhappy is deciding that being miserable is not for you.

It’s natural to be unhappy sometimes. No amount of positive thinking is going to change that. But the truth is that you can avoid many things that cause unhappiness and be happier.

Get Glad is available on Amazon


Born Creative: Free Your Mind, Free Yourself

BornCreativeQuotes from Born Creative

Everyone is born creative – it’s part of your human birthright.

You may not be artistically inclined like Picasso or da Vinci, but you can think creatively.

The more you believe you are creative, the more creative you become.

The notion that geniuses such as Shakespeare, Picasso, and Mozart were any more `gifted’ than you is a myth.

Get your copy on Amazon (Kindle version is always free)


His first book, done at the request of a publisher, is Moving to Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide


Get it here!


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