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Author Spotlight

Welcome back to Author Spotlight. This week’s spotlight shines on Laurie WJN.

LaurieLaurie has always been a writer, creating stories as a teenager, using journaling to process her feelings, and after some encouragement from her husband, she decided to focus more on the writer inside her.

Many years ago, she co-authored a book about therapy techniques for women with eating disorders, based on her work as a recreational therapist.  That book was published in 2001. Ever since then, she wanted to get back into writing/publishing.

After a yearlong struggle with an incredibly mean spirited uterus, her husband saiduterus “Honey, you should write a book about it”, so she did.  In 2014, she released The Misadventures of Me and My Uterus.  Her book is simply her story, told in a very honest way, with lots of truth and even more humor (because let’s face it – this stuff is funny).  It helped her deal with the crazy procedures and the uncertainty that she was facing.  She decided to call her book, The Misadventures of Me and My Uterus, because it really explained the year that she had gone through.

After that, she wrote Fearless and Feminine, Raising Confident Daughters.  This book delivers a successful and practical approach to raising strong, confident daughters, helping them become the amazing women they were meant to be. As a recreational therapist and professional educator, she wanted to share her personal and professional experience to guide parents and other caregivers of girls, providing them with the tools to help their daughters embrace being both Fearless & Feminine.fearless

Laurie thinks every writer has a unique voice and style of writing. In The Misadventure of Me and My Uterus, she kept the book very informal and tried to use humor as much as she could.  In Fearless and Feminine, she tried to blend both personal and professional experience in an authentic and straightforward way to guide parents and give them the tools to help their daughters be as confident as they can be.

Her writing comes from a very genuine and honest place — she wants to share what she has learned in order to help others, and hopes that comes through in her writing.

locketIn 2015, she published a short story entitled The Locket. In The Locket, a very special locket shares the history of a group of women through several generations, stories of love and happiness, stories of struggles and triumphs, memories of the past and hopes for the future.

She is currently working on an anthology all about grandparents that she hopes to release this year, as well as working on two different historical fiction novels, but those are not quite ready yet.

In addition to writing, Laurie loves hanging out with her wonderful husband and her sweet dog. If she is not reading or writing, you might find her swimming, traveling with her husband, or watching sports. She is an avid fan of her alma mater, Arizona State University. She and her husband attend all the Sun Devil football and basketball games. Her husband is from Green Bay, so of course they watch all of the Packer Football games too.

A word from the author:

I love how accessible publishing is currently. As a later in life writer, I decided to take advantage of all of the publishing opportunities available today and not simply wait and hope for a publishing house to pick me up. I know it’s a gamble, but even if I am not on the NY times best seller list right away (which of course I should be – my books are fabulous), at least my books are out there and I know people are getting the chance to read them.

I really think there has never been a better time to write and publish a book. As the popularity of ebooks continues to grow exponentially, authors have so many choices for publication. There are unending technology tools and resources available for writers.  No longer do authors have to spend days at the local library, trying to read old microfiche films, now just a few clicks on your laptop can yield the research needed for your latest book setting. If you don’t want to go the traditional route of an agent and a publishing house, Indie publishing firms abound. Once a book is written, authors have a plethora of marketing tools at their disposal through a whole host of social media platforms. The tools for writing have improved so much, anyone with a computer and enough motivation can become a writer – at any age.

Happy Reading!
Laurie WJN

All three of Laurie’s books are available on Amazon 

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