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Author Spotlight

ArduroWelcome to another episode of Author Spotlight. Today, the light shines on Aduro Tri. Aduro is a full-time author, while trying to learn computer programming, having a base online presence here and there. Specializing in High Fantasy stories that take place in an expansive world with the intention of them feeling alive, while also being able to dabble in other genres. With a deep love of storytelling and especially character creation. As well, he prefers to stay in the company of nature and animals over people, while at the same time enjoys playing video games as a hobby. In as quiet of a city as Mountain Home, ID, though, quiet might not be the word as a train passes through the town every now and again.

Let’s take a look at his book, Within Shadows.

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There are many things Elvera Antos—the Kingdom of Edithien’s High General—dislikes:Within Shadows losing a fight or failing to protect her people and family are among those. However, when she awakens battered and bruised from a fight she unable to recall, she finds that she had been away from her kingdom for longer than she had planned. After finally regaining her memories, she finds her list of dislikes quickly expanding. The integrity of the kingdom’s defenses is in question, and there is a sinister plot that threatens the safety of not just her people, but the entire world. Now, with the aid of her unwaveringly loyal Knights of Edithien, she is faced with a difficult prospect. To protect those she loves, she just might have to do something she never imagined: commit treason.

Here’s a peek inside:

Darkness; to his eyes, it was like a blur of pure black that was about to engulf him. It was overwhelming, and it felt as if all the air was being forced out of his lungs. It wasn’t until he fell to his knees, clutched his stomach, and gasped for breath, that he finally realized what was happening. It was like having a bucket of water thrown over him, and new sensations filled him. The sheer number of them, and their intensity, made him double over, and try to curl up into a fetal position. He already wanted to surrender.

That was far from an option though, as he felt a hand lift up his form by his long, silvery mane; as it did, a new sight greeted him. It was the sight of someone he knew, but she was unlike what he recognized; the mare, with a black coat and streaked violet mane, was surrounded by a thick, black aura that made him feel like someone had their hands wrapped tight around his neck. Her mane seemed to move as if lifted by the aura around her.

Just as he was lifted to meet her gaze, he noticed briefly that her pupils had narrowed to cat-like slits. The sight sent chills along his spine. He was soon flung against the wall, and it was only when he managed to draw in a sharp breath that he could look up from the ground. A new figure was there: a bright orange fox, cloaked and hooded, firing spell after spell at the mare, who was easily able to either deflect them with her bracers or avoid them entirely before—


He swore that, even from this distance, he heard at least two or three ribs breaking from that one punch. The vixen was sent crashing into the wall. How could they even stand up to someone like her? He thought about it while slowly trying to get to his feet. He felt pain in his own chest, almost like someone had shoved a spike through one of his lungs, and coughed while trying to balance himself as he clung to the wall.

“So you can move after all,” the mare hissed, her voice backed up by a second, deeper one. “Here I was worried that you’d miss the rest of the fun!”

“Elvera, this isn’t you!” he cried, “You’re—”

Whatever he had to say next was lost, for in the instant he blinked she appeared just inches before his face. She was fast; faster than she used to be. Where had she gotten all this speed from? Where had she gotten all this strength from? It was unnatural. No one could be this strong! He laughed inwardly though, knowing that to be a false statement. He felt his body become lighter for just a brief second, and then crashed face first into the ground. Time couldn’t be wasted, however, as he flipped onto his back. He winced from the pain, his entire body screaming at him again.

He was lucky he did, too, because a bright blue light filled the room briefly before whizzing right by Elvera. Though it didn’t seem to hit, there was a visible look of panic on her face as she tilted back just slightly. She was just barely able to react fast enough to it.

“Aella, keep firing!” he ordered, turning his head to the vixen, but she needed no reminder.

Several blasts of light erupted from the end of her staff. Though smaller than the first, they flew right past him, and Elvera was forced to take a few steps back. She let each blast fly past her, missing by just barely an inch, coupled by a look of strain as she avoided them.

Just those few seconds that these blasts bought were more than enough. They allowed him to rotate his body rapidly enough to whirl up to his feet, and utilized both the momentum and friction he had generated to catch Elvera in a sphere of wind before she flew back along with it.

“As fast as she is, I think—”

“You think what?” Elvera growled, her gaze turning up to the male equine.

She didn’t wait long, feeling the darkness that enveloped her urging her forward. It was like a second force had taken over her entire body, and all she could do was follow it. She felt it urging her to take their lives, and she drew two swords from her belt, holding the one in her left hand in reverse to the one in her right.

“What were you about to say, Kalen? Go ahead, I’ll spare you for a few seconds longer!”

“I would’ve thought you’d be more original if you ever turned evil…”

That was something he knew he would immediately regret, and he entered a defensive stance with his eyes closed. He knew he was outclassed by Elvera’s combat skills, and he knew that it was over for him.


In mid-stride, Elvera found herself trapped in the worst imaginable position as, to her right, something new became visible. She couldn’t quite make out any of the details of it; all she saw was a beautiful shade of forest green filling her vision, before she felt a sharp blow to her head and everything left her. She felt every single ounce of strength vanish from her body as she hit the ground, and the world around completely vanished.

Get your copy of Within Shadows on Amazon.

For more information or to connect with Aduro, visit Facebook,  TwitterTales of Ethias (This Twitter account is special. The character is from the world itself, and he’s an influential figure there), and finally, a special place where he goes to share his work (as well as find artists to commission)

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