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Author Spotlight

JennyWelcome back to Author Spotlight! Today, I’d like to introduce you to JL Madore.

JL is a full-time, multi-genre romance novelist giving life to fantasy, paranormal, time-slip historical, and contemporary love stories. She loves to twist Alpha heroes and kick-ass heroines into chaotic, hilarious, magical situations and make them really work for their Happily Ever After.

The Scourge Survivor Series


The Scourge Survivor Series by JL Madore, joins the great fantasy romance traditions of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lora Leigh, and Karen Marie Moning.
BLAZE IGNITES blends strong, clever women and tough, sexy men in a fast-paced, volatile cocktail of action, seduction, and wicked humor.

“Destiny my ass.” Jade Glaster refuses to believe the Fates rule her life. Orphaned after anblaze attack by Scourge soldiers, a young Jade vows never to be powerless again. Once grown, wielding the affinities of fire and healing, Jade protects innocents as an enforcer for her world’s elite policing agency—The Talon.

When an emissary mission to reinstate a race of exiled Elves brings Galan into her life, Jade finds herself overwhelmed by new passions, some welcome, some not. Although Galan’s antiquated views on women offend her to her heated core, when the Scourge attack his family, she helps him navigate the outside worlds he knows nothing about—the magical Realm of the Fair and, stranger still—the modern streets of Toronto.

Through their sensually charged pursuit of justice, Jade discovers that when dealing with the Fates—destiny is never random.

Readers love BLAZE IGNITES:
“This fantasy romp has it all: swords, magic, elves, shifters, evil queens and drag queens.”
“What a jewel of a book!”
“Fiery, Fantastical Fun!”

Book 5, the final book in the series, Fate’s Journey, launched July 24th –  Free on Kindle Unlimited

Watchers of the Gray, Dark Angels Series

Watcher Untethered – Book 1 of the Watchers of the Gray, Dark Angels SeriesWatcher

To be immortal, but still feel pain and bleed like a sieve sucks ass. Part of this world, but not. Alive, but not. There are the Darkworld feeding quotas we police, the humans we protect, and then us—Nephilim—living in the shadows of cities that know nothing about us. And if we do our job right, never will.

Wounded in battle, Zander wakes in a daemon feeding ground, bound to a human female. The origins of the restraints are unknown, the woman – Austin – a risk for Otherworld exposure. In the midst of human corpses, and with relationships punishable by death, Austin tempts a part of him he’s locked down his entire existence. His beast, however, the part of him that consumes every dark soul he’s ever dispatched, pulls at its tether, fighting to claim what can never be.

“WOW!! If you like JR Ward style of writing you will love this story. The characters are well developed and interesting. The whole angel warrior, demon killer is really hot.” – Amazon Reviewer

In The Shadow: Vesuvius Episode 1: A Roman Time-Slip Romance

Danika Glass grew up feeling more connected to the past than to real life. With her gift ofin the shadow Psychometry, touching antiques allows her to witness glimpses of history unfolding first hand. A successful relic hunter and thief, when Danika touches a rare Roman coin, she is suddenly not seeing history but living it.

Hurled back in time to Rome, 79 AD, Danika realizes that the coin’s energy is gone and she is trapped. Catapulted into the intrigues of politics, soldiers, and spies, she walks the dangerous line between convincing her captors of the coming danger and making herself a target. With time ticking, these violent men of the past threaten to not only claim her body and her life . . . but also her heart. For here, Quintus Porcius Magnus, the Praetorian guard tasked to discover her truths, shows her a level of loyalty so foreign to her that when faced with a choice, Danika is torn between two vastly different paths—one of safety and the other of desire.

In The Shadow is an episodic adventure which joins the great historical romances of Diana Gabaldon and Susanna Kearsley.


All JL Madore’s books are Amazon exclusive and free on Kindle Unlimited.

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