It has been ages since I’ve posted anything on here. Although I’m not trying to make excuses, I do have legitimate reasons.

1. I quit my teaching job in December and have been looking for work on a slightly different career path.

2. I found that path as a director of a school age program in Seattle.

3. Therefore, we are now downsizing, packing, and purging everything we own and stuffing it into a POD in preparation for a move across the country.

4. We are selling our house in Texas while purchasing a new one in Washington.

5. I spent 4 days driving from Texas to Washington, where I now reside.

6. Since our house in Washington isn’t ready yet, I’m staying at an Extended Stay with bare minimum until our POD arrives in October when our house is finished.

7. Sadly, within this timeframe, I have been suffering from severe writer’s block, which I’m hoping will be cured when my life settles down from all these changes.

All these changes are good though. I’m starting a new job, which I’m hoping to make a career of, I’m moving into a brand new house, and I’m back home in the Pacific Northwest where I belong. Within the next few months, my life should once again maintain some kind of normalcy. I am hopeful that my writing hiatus will come to an end as well.