I love being in nature, and I try to capture it on camera as often as I can. Some of my photographs have been featured in calendars and collaborative books. So, I’ve decided to showcase some of my nature photography on my website.

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The Fight

Society has molded you.

You have to prove your worth.

Empty words surround you,

You no longer know the truth.

Choas reigns supreme

In this world in which we live.

The benefits you gain don’t match

The effort that you give.

But you can’t give up and can’t give in

No matter what the cost.

Fight the good fight, carry on

And try not to get lost.

You have to be on top each day

And finish in first place,

Although the endless race you run

Paints worry on your face.

The words inside your head conflict

With what you know is right.

It causes you to question life,

And keeps you up at night.

But you can’t give up and can’t give in

No matter what they say.

Fight the good fight, carry on

And take life day by day.

Self-doubt kicks in, you lose that drive

To cross the finish line.

Your eyes spot road blocks everywhere,

And you’re running out of time.

Give up the dream to appease the beasts

That rumble in your head.

They’ll tell you time and time again,

“Give in to fear and dread.”

But you can’t give up and can’t give in

To the wicked words they say.

Fight the good fight, carry on

And make it through the day.

The voice screams louder and fear sets in,

The battle rages on.

Fighting gets you nowhere

When the beasts already won.

So you look to the horizon,

Seeking solace from the noise.

Soak in the view and breathe in deep,

Stand firm and make a choice.

You won’t give up and won’t give in

To what these voices say.

You’ve fought the good fight, carried on

And made it through the day.

-LM Nelson

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