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L.M. Nelson is certified teacher, author, artist, and photographer. She enjoys poetry, music, gardening, painting, and nature walks. Aside from The Guardian and her Scrubs series, she has written several poems, some of which have been selected for literary magazines and published in a poetry collection entitled World Treasury of Great Poems. She co-wrote the article, ‘Gifted and Talented Education at the Close of the Decade of the Brain’, which was published in the educational journal Perspectives: Idaho Association of School Administrators. She wrote a post for Squirl’s On the Spot blog, a guest post called A Balancing Act, and an article called Renegade Book Marketing that was featured on BookDaily.com. Her blog has been featured on Megatopia’s writing page.

L.M. Nelson grew up on the west coast, and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest

with her husband, three cats, and her dog. She is a member of Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

To learn more about L.M. Nelson and her books, you can view her Amazon author page, see her profile on Smashwords, BookBub, and Circle of Books, follow her on Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Goodreads, or connect with her on Facebook.

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