Author Confessions Round 18

I have several quotes from my WIP that I like, but this one sums up Nathan’s experience with medical school pretty well. The quote is powerful and has significant meaning for Nathan because his father is the one who says it to him.


“People will constantly question your reliability and expertise as a physician. If you think for one second that every single patient or family member or fellow physician is going to trust your medical judgment and rely on your word, you are gravely mistaken. That is not the way medicine works. Cases are not always easy, patients are not always cooperative, and quite frankly you are not always going to know the answers. I am helping you see the cold, hard reality of what this profession encompasses. I’ll be damned if I’m going to fluff this up for you and let you take the easy way out. You are smarter and more capable than that, and I could not, on my good conscience, send you down the easy path and allow you to settle for mere mediocrity. So don’t hand me this poor Nathan crap. Grow some balls, be a damn doctor, and deal with it.”

Author Confessions Round 11

I so wish I had written The Outsiders. That book is ingenious. The fact that the entire story was written as a school project from PonyBoy’s point of view blows my mind. I LOVE the characters, and even though the kids are ‘thugs’, I find myself rooting for them. Maybe the teacher in me wants the underdog to succeed, or maybe the emotional connection I have with the characters pulls at my heart. I don’t know what it is, but I fell in love with that book the first time I read it in 7th grade.  I’ve read it several times since, recently in fact. It’s one of  the books on my favorites list.

10 Reasons that will Encourage you to Read (1 min read)

Great article about the benefits of reading. As an educator, I know how important reading is for a child’s creativity, academic achievement, and vocabulary development. Reading has many benefits for adults too.

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Reading has many benefits; here are 10 reasons which should encourage you to read.

1. Vocabulary: When you read an article or a book you may come across a new word(s) or a different usage of a word you are already familiar with.

2. Creativity: Unlike a TV serial or a movie, reading will make you think.

3. Pleasure: A good book or article is as enjoyable as a game of baseball.

4. History: Other than history books we can also learn historical facts by reading biography/autobiography or by reading books or novels set in a particular period or era.

5. News and Information: Magazines and newspapers not only keep us updated about…

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