Author Confessions Round 19

 Exposure. Plain and simple.

Throwing myself out there is difficult. I’m an introvert who is uncomfortable in social situations. I don’t always show it, but when I get home after being around people, I need several hours to myself to destress and unwind. As an author, you have to interact with people and make connections. This has always been a challenge for me.

Releasing my books to the general population is nerve wracking and scary. I’ve always been an overachiever and am super critical of myself. I’ll never be satisfied with my work. I ALWAYS find something wrong with it no matter how many times I read over it. My characters speak to me, and I tell their stories. But these stories won’t please every reader. In fact, I can almost guarantee there are haters out there. Some people just don’t get the way my brain works. Others will totally relate to my work and enjoy the stories I write.

I don’t write to please the masses. To me that’s not what writing is all about. I write for myself, to tell my character’s story. Hopefully, I’ll gain a few readers along the way, readers who understand the way I think and relate to these characters in my head.

11 Ways Writing Improves Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Why Do You Write? (The Madness Behind Being a Writer)

A writer & her adolescent muse


Why do writers write?

The answer seems obvious, and the reasons are similar among most writers.

It’s because we must.

It’s who we are.

We have no choice but to write…

or go stark, raving mad.

There has to be more to it than that.

In my mind, at least.

We must dig deeper.

There is a reason other than the ones we give to people (even to ourselves).

What is it?

Be honest.

Why write at all?  What’s the true driving force behind this passion? This innate desire to put words down? To create?

There has to be more than just “I need to write.”

Is it because we are already mad?


Mentally ill?

Perhaps we need to be crazy enough to dig deep into our mind, the deepest, darkest parts of our psyche in order to pull out our masterpieces.

To share openly with…

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Why Do Writers Write?


At a recent book signing event, I was asked, “Why do you write?”  With the millions of books out there, most of which will never reach beyond 500 sales, I guess that’s a legitimate question to ask any writer.  Authors spend countess hours writing, with little to no hope of making a substantial amount of money for their writing.  It is pretty unlikely that a writer will earn a living or become famous through their craft, so if you are writing with hopes of bringing in big bucks, I hate to burst your bubble.  There really are no significant monetary rewards gained from writing.

Then why do writers write?thCDO5RH7Z

I think the answer to this question is personal.  Writers write for various reasons, and the writing experience is different for each of us.  For me, I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t write.  Writing is a part of me, and I can’t imagine not writing.

I write because I love to write.

I write because there’s a story that needs to be told, that inner voice inside my head that has something to say.

why I writeI write because it’s my voice.  Writing allows creative freedom. When I write, there are no rules, no one to tell me what I can and can’t do.  I write what I want to write.

I write because often times the written word says what spoken words cannot.

I write to touch lives.  Somewhere in the world, someone is experiencing the same challenges my characters are facing.  I write to encourage and inspire my readers.


I write to breathe easy for a while.  Life can get stressful sometimes.  Frustrating things happen.  People say or do things that bring about discord.  What better way to push the craziness aside than to write about it?

749f1c8c39c9d89726d045a5de73f30fI write to open doors.  Writing expresses thoughts and feelings.  Not everyone in the world sees things the way I do, and not everyone holds the same opinion I have.  But writing allows thoughts to be expressed and doors to be opened that might have otherwise remained closed.

I write to be the characters I am not and experience lives I don’t have.

I write because I have to write.  Writing is a huge part of my life and a part of who I am.  I write because I’m a writer.

“Why do you write?” What would you say if someone approached you and asked you that question?  Share your thoughts.