Meet the Characters

The Scrubs book series follows the same group of characters throughout all 4 books.  In the first book, Scrubs, the characters begin in medical school at UC Berkeley. Book 2, Sand & Sutures, carries them into their residency. Beyond the Hardwood, book 3 in the series, introduces you to the next generation of the Hanson family, focusing primarily on Randy’s son, Nathan. The final book in the series, Center Stage, takes you on a journey to New York City with Randy’s twin daughters, Lauren and Lacy. To learn more about the characters, visit each character’s bio below.

Randy Hanson   (featured in a Character Interview on Mary’s Bookcase).

James Ryan

Bruce Buckman

Amanda Stevens

Sarah Chan

Jane Davine

Greg Hutchins

Nathan Hanson

Gabriella Pervis

Mike Lynott

Lauren Hanson

Lacy Hanson

Roger Zellers

Max Chamberlain