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Featured Image -- 6459The Scrubs series is a four book medical-themed new adult/ college fiction series with a romantic flair.  The entire series follows the same characters throughout all four books.

The first book, Scrubs, tells the story of Randy Hanson, charming playboy and son of a wealthy doctor, who strives to reach one goal–graduating from medical school. Medical school is challenging enough without the added stress Randy is faced with in combatting constant badgering from one of his classmates, suffering through countless and unnecessary ‘pimping’ acts from higher level medical personnel, and coming to the aid of his best friend, Jim Ryan, as he recovers from personal turmoil. Randy’s life turns upside down and becomes even more complicated when he realizes he is developing deep emotional feelings towards a spunky collegiate sorority girl by the name of Jane Davine. Jane is facing her own demons with a domineering father and attempting to overcome the life-altering death of her mother.

Randy and his friends take on the stress of medical school together and lean on each other, bonding as professionals, growing and maturing into responsible adults, and becoming closer friends than they had ever been before. Will they all meet their goal and graduate together, or will the pressure become too much for them to handle?

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Please note: Both the e-book version and paperback of Scrubs have recently been revised. 


The second book in the series, Sand & Sutures, follows Randy Hanson, Jim Ryan, and Bruce Buckman into their residency, where they continue their specialized medical training.  As they work to establish their reputations as physicians, they struggle to find balance between their careers and their responsibilities as husbands and fathers.  Throughout this journey, they celebrate successes, encounter unexpected hurdles, and learn that the life of a physician isn’t always beer and pretzels.

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Voted 2017 Texas Authors Medical Fiction Book of the Year!


The other two books in this series, Beyond the Hardwood and Center Stage, follow the next generation of the Hanson family.  Beyond the Hardwood, the third book, focuses specifically on Randy’s son, Nathan.

bth-final-paperback-cover-5x8-1Here’s an overview: From the time he was old enough to hold a basketball, Nathan Hanson dreamed of playing in the NCAA. Now a senior at Lake Washington High School, Nathan is a top-notch athlete with aspirations of attending medical school. Well known for his skills on the court, Nathan’s name and face are plastered across every sports page in Seattle. When a college recruiter catches wind of his stats, Nathan receives a visit from the head coach of the University of Washington, bringing him one step closer to making his lifelong dream a reality. But sometimes pursuing your dreams comes with a hefty price.

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Center Stage 3 Final WEBThe fourth book in the series, Center Stage continues Nathan’s story, but mainly focuses on his sisters, Lauren and Lacy.

New York City—a thriving metropolis full of dreams. The bright lights of Times Square, the billboard posters promoting the latest musicals, and the theatre marquees up and down Broadway attract millions of theatre lovers every year. Lauren Hanson was no exception.

Prior to moving to New York, Lauren made every effort to make her dream of performing on Broadway a reality. She enrolled in dance classes, took voice lessons, and participated in various acting workshops. Now in her first year at the Juilliard School, she seeks to improve her craft and work her way into the professional world of musical theatre. A Broadway performer named Roger Zellers steers her in the right direction. His assistance becomes tainted, however, when a blast from his past tries to sabotage Lauren’s career. Harassment, lies, and openly violent threats make Lauren question Roger’s intentions.

While Lauren pursues the glamor of the Great White Way, Lauren’s twin sister tries to establish herself as a reputable choreographer. Having connections with Roger comes in handy when he asks her for a special favor. Through Roger, she meets other professionals, gains a new following, and finds potential love. But will her fairytale come true, or will her plans crumble to pieces in the hustle and bustle of New York City?

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Scrubs (Scrubs, #1)

Sand & Sutures

Sand & Sutures (Scrubs, #2)

Beyond the Hardwood

Beyond the Hardwood (Scrubs, #3)

Center Stage
Center Stage (Scrubs, #4)

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