Randy Hanson, charming playboy and son of a wealthy doctor, strives to reach one goal–graduating from medical school. Medical school is challenging enough without the added stress Randy is faced with in combatting constant badgering from one of his classmates, suffering through countless and unnecessary ‘pimping’ acts from higher level medical personnel, and coming to the aid of his best friend, Jim Ryan, as he recovers from personal turmoil. Randy’s life turns upside down and becomes even more complicated when he realizes he is developing deep emotional feelings towards a spunky collegiate sorority girl by the name of Jane Davine. Jane is facing her own demons with a domineering father and attempting to overcome the life-altering death of her mother.

Randy and his friends take on the stress of medical school together and lean on each other, bonding as professionals, growing and maturing into responsible adults, and becoming closer friends than they had ever been before. Will they all meet their goal and graduate together, or will the pressure become too much for them to handle?

Please note: The digital version and paperback of Scrubs have recently been revised.

What people are saying about Scrubs:

“Nelson does an EXCELLENT job of handling multiple characters. In fact, although Scrubs holds almost nothing in common with Gone With the Wind, Nelson is comparable to M. Mitchell in her ability to juggle several characters. Effortlessly, the reader is able to meet multiple distinct personalities.” -J. Monk, Goodreads review

“A good summer read.  I enjoyed the characters.” -B. Alarcon

“I was a big fan of the TV series Scrubs and picked up the book because of the title. Similar to the TV series, this book combines personal dramas and conflicts with the field of medical studies. There is an appeal in the world of Doctors, the medical profession and the impact of it on the individual. There are also many other side issues in this, and great romance. Quite a comprehensive read this is very enjoyable and a read of substance.” -W. Lettings, Amazon Review

“Scrubs was a great summer read. It left me hanging wanting for more… Waiting on her next book!” -Norma, Goodreads review

“This book gives some insight about people going to med. school.  I really liked that part and I even had a few tears along the way.  I loved the ending …” -Amazon review

“I fell in love with the characters.” -J.Figueroa

“This is a very enjoyable and moving novel about a group of medical students. In the tradition of the TV series Scrubs of the same name, the characters are given a lot of depth. I was a big fan of the TV series Scrubs and picked up the book because of the same title, and I was not disappointed. In the same well written and composed fashion, yet with a totally different style, we witness personal problems, drama, the pressures of the medical system and the impact they have on our hero.
The setting is very appealing and fascinating, the plot and characterization excellent and the novel, overall, a winner. Looking forward to the next in the series, which is out already.” -author Christoph Fischer, Goodreads Review

“One of the things I liked best about Scrubs is the descriptions and examinations on the personal lives of the main characters. There are problems with family; parents, siblings and in one case, children; problems with significant others, teenage angst, and as mentioned above problems with the pressures and workload involved. Most of the main & supporting characters are given very believable issues to deal with throughout the course of the novel. I enjoyed Scrubs and would certainly continue with the series, projected to be 4 books, in total.” -Andrew McVittie, Amazon Review

Scrubs is featured on Circle of Books.  You can learn more about the characters, read the first chapter , or vote for Scrubs on Best Reads.

Scrubs is also featured on Squirl‘s On the Spot blog.


Purchase Information:

Scrubs is available for purchase through the Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and AmazonScrubs can also be found on iAuthorAuthor Pilot, BookDailyBookBub, and Goodreads.

Scrubs (Scrubs, #1)

 Other books in the series include Sand & Sutures (Book 2), Beyond the Harwood (Book 3), and Center Stage (book 4)
Center Stage
Center Stage (Scrubs, #4)
Learn more about the author, L.M. Nelson.

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