Author Confessions Round 14

Christopher Snow from Dean Koontz’s Fear Nothing and Seize the Night. He suffers from a disease in which ultraviolet light is deadly. Therefore, he lives the life of a night owl. Christopher has a great personality. He’s kind, curious, and has cool friends, namely his dog Orson, his girlfriend Sasha, and his best friend Bobby, all of whom are surfers. Christopher is a down to earth guy who has overcome many obstacles in his life. He faces life-threatening problems throughout the series, but through it all he stands tall and remains humble. I thoroughly enjoyed the Christopher Snow books and have read them several times. I wish Dean Koontz would write another book with those characters. If he happens to be reading this (Ha ha ha, yeah, right), I hope he catches the hint.

Author Confessions Round 11

I so wish I had written The Outsiders. That book is ingenious. The fact that the entire story was written as a school project from PonyBoy’s point of view blows my mind. I LOVE the characters, and even though the kids are ‘thugs’, I find myself rooting for them. Maybe the teacher in me wants the underdog to succeed, or maybe the emotional connection I have with the characters pulls at my heart. I don’t know what it is, but I fell in love with that book the first time I read it in 7th grade.  I’ve read it several times since, recently in fact. It’s one of  the books on my favorites list.