Flash Fiction In Three Words

A writer’s group I’m a member of recently asked us to post the saddest story we could think of using only three words. I posted three.  They were:

Only dogtags returned.
Democracy died today.
No pulse. Flatline.


Now it’s your turn. In the comments section, post the saddest story you can think of using only three words.

It Was Over As Soon As It Began

flashfictionlogoI don’t write flash fiction.  I don’t normally read it either, but I came across these and only one word came to mind.  Wow!!  I don’t know who wrote them and I don’t know what or where the original source came from, but they are quite powerful.  Enjoy!

1. The smallest coffins are the heaviest.

2. Brought roses home.  Keys didn’t fit.

3. I met my soulmate.  She didn’t.

4. Goodbye mission control.  Thanks for trying.

5. Voyager still transmitted, but Earth didn’t.

6. One bullet is a lifetime supply.

7. Mom taught me how to shave.

8. Introduced myself to my mother again today.

9. I just saw my reflection blink.

10. Strangers.  Friends.  Best Friends.  Lovers.  Strangers.

11. An only son, a folded flag.

12.  Passengers, this isn’t your captain speaking.

13. “Just Married,” read the shattered window.

14. Siri, delete mom from my contacts.

15. Jumped.  Then I changed my mind.

16. He hit send, then a tree.

17. Ever seen chalk outlines that small?

18. Dad left.  A flag came back.

19. What’s your return policy on rings?

20. It’s our fiftieth anniversary.  Table for one.