Meet The Characters – Part 5

Today I introduce you to Sarah.

Full name:  Sarah Chan

Age: mid-20’s

Physical Description:  5’0″ Chinese-American.  Usually wears jeans and sweatshirts.

Education:  Currently pursuing M.D. degree at UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program.   Speaks fluent English and Chinese.

Career Goals:  To graduate from medical school.  Undecided on a specialty.

Favorite things:  Sweatshirts, chocolate milkshakes, curling up on the couch watching movies

Relationship Status:  Single

Character traits:  Introvert.  Doesn’t talk much unless she has a strong opinion about something.  Shy around unfamiliar people.

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Meet The Characters – Part 4

Time for another episode of Meet The Characters.  Today I introduce you to Mandy.

Full name:  Amanda (Mandy) Stevens

Age: mid-20’s

Physical Description:  Thin-framed blonde.  Regularly wears pink lacy attire and flowery accessories.

Hometown:  Santa Monica, CA

Family:  Has six sisters.

Education:  Currently attending UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program.  Pursuing M.D. degree.  Undecided on a specialty.

Career Goals:  Considering General Practice or Pediatrics.

Hobbies:  Scrapbooking

Favorite things:  Hallmark Channel, Bath and Body Works, peacocks, Santa Monica sunsets, palm trees, hanging out at the beach

Relationship Status:  Single

Character traits:  Bubbly personality.  Spontaneous.  Unpredictable.  Quirky.  Slightly ditzy and dreadfully unorganized.  Openly speaks her mind.

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Jim     Bruce    Randy    Sarah    Jane

Meet The Characters – Part 3

So far you’ve been introduced to my main character, Randy Hanson, and his best friend, Jim Ryan.  Today you will meet Bruce.

Full name:  Bruce Buckman

Age: mid-20’s

Physical Description: Tall and lanky.  Dark hair, neatly trimmed mustache.  Often has an intensely solemn expression on his face.

Hometown:  Thousand Oaks, CA

Family:  Dysfunctional.  Parents are divorced.  Father is a workaholic.  Mother is an alcoholic.  Has a younger brother, Lewis.

Education:  Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology.  Currently attending UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program, working towards a Masters Degree in Health and Medical Sciences and his M.D.  Master of brain anatomy and physiology.

Career Goals: Neurosurgeon

Hobbies:  basketball, baseball

Favorite things:  freshly baked bread, San Francisco Giants, amusement parks

Relationship Status:  Single

Character traits:  Inquisitive, yet skeptical.  Pays attention to details.  Neat.  Organized.  Stays private, rarely shares personal information.

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Jim     Randy    Mandy    Sarah    Jane

Meet The Characters – Part 2

For this blog, I will introduce you to Randy‘s best friend and sidekick, Jim.

Full name:  James (Jim) Ryan

Age: mid-20’s

Physical Description: 5’11”, athletically built.  Blonde hair, usually spiked in the front.  Often seen wearing brightly colored Hawaiian shirts, shark tooth necklaces, and sunglasses.

Hometown:  San Francisco, CA

Family:  Only child

Education:  A graduate of UC Berkeley with a Mathematics Degree.  Currently attending UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program.  Working towards a Masters Degree in Health and Medical Sciences and his M.D. Math guru.

Career Goals: To finish medical school and get into an Emergency Medical residency program.  Wants to be an ER physician- totally addicted to the rush of Emergency situations.

Hobbies:  Basketball, being a beach bum, reading surfing magazines

Favorite things:  Corona with lime, Sunday night football, Oreos, pizza, hula dancers, surfing.

Favorite Places:  The beach, the ER

Music Preference: Grunge Rock, Reggae

Relationship Status:  In a relationship (It’s complicated)

Pet Peeves:  Stupidity

Character traits:  Laidback.  Cheerful disposition.  Mediator/peacekeeper. Chronic joker.  Snarky and extremely sarcastic.   Uses surfer slang frequently and poses as a surfer, yet has never been on a surfboard in his life.

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Meet The Characters – Part 1

For the next few blog posts, I’d like to introduce you to the characters in Scrubs.  I’ll start with my main character, Randy Hanson.

Full name:  Jonathan Randal (Randy) Hanson

Age: mid-20’s

Physical Description: 6′, 185 pounds.  Athletic physique.  Deep brown eyes and brown hair.

Hometown:  Kirkland, WA

Family:  Oldest son of a prominent OB/GYN.  Father’s name is Dr. Mark Hanson.  Mother is Ellen Hanson.  Has a younger sister, Stephanie, and a younger brother, Robert.

Education:  A graduate of UC Berkeley with a B.S. Degree in Public Health, minor in Communications.  Currently attending UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program.  Simultaneously working towards a Masters Degree in Health and Medical Sciences as well as his M.D.  Speaks fluent French and is good at public speaking.

Career Goals: To finish medical school and get into an OB/GYN residency program, preferably UW.  Eventually plans to join his father’s medical practice.

Hobbies:  Fishing, playing basketball, water skiing, snow skiing, and watching his favorite team, the L.A. Lakers, play on the court.

Favorite things:  sports cars, Discovery Channel, medical shows, Corona, French cuisine, Oreos, and anything that has to do with Science.  Addicted to coffee in any form.

Favorite Places: the beach, Lake Washington, Starbucks

Music Preference: Rock

Relationship Status:  Single.  Casual dating.  Not seeking commitment.

Weaknesses:  Women!  Also a perfectionist who has a tendency to be arrogant and hard-headed. Anal retentive and a bit uptight at times.

Pet Peeves:  Incompetence

Character traits:  Intelligent. Logical. Organized. Social. Witty. Poised and confident. Considered to be a ladies’ man. A group leader, dedicated student, and diligent researcher who takes his education very seriously. Thrives on stress and pressure. Sets high expectations for himself and pushes others to set high standards. Contributes to charities, especially medical causes, regularly. Owns an African Grey Parrot he trained himself.

Randy was featured in a Character Interview on Mary’s Bookcase.

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