Author Confessions Round 7

Author confessions day seven-How long have you been writing your WIP?

I started writing the Scrubs series eons ago, but never did anything with it. I wrote it for myself simply because I love to write. The last book in the series, the one I’m currently working on, I started writing five or six years ago. It took me four years to finish it. Once I was done with the final book, I sat on it for a while because I was working on cutting, revising, and cleaning up the other books in the series to get them ready for publication. I returned to this book in November of 2016, after I was done revising and editing the other three.

The Scrubs series has been a part of my life for the last twenty years. As excited as I am to be nearly finished with it, I’m a bit sad to say goodbye to the characters who have consumed my life for so many years. The good thing is I have other characters who are now speaking to me, begging me to tell their story.

Author Confessions Round 3

Day three of author confessions. How many WIPs do I have?

Currently, I have three works in progress. The final book in my Scrubs series is in the editing phase. It will be sent to my designer/ formatter in the near future. I’m also working on a Young Adult fantasy book and an adult crime novel that focuses primarily on arson. I have two other books brewing in my head, but have yet to put any of those ideas down on paper.