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Devastated by the tragic death of their parents, Camryn and Toby Hunter find themselves alone in the Idaho wilderness. When Toby discovers a pair of gold rings, he and Camryn are magically transported into a mystical land they’ve never seen before. Their only known exit is immediately sealed off, and they find themselves surrounded by mythical creatures, a beautiful waterfall oasis, and moss-covered Redwood trees with faces. Named as “the Guardian” by the locals, Toby is faced with a life-changing task. He and his sister can only return home when the elements are reunited and peace is restored to the land of Gelnoff. With only two gold rings, ten days’ worth of supplies, and the guidance of a wise, old Redwood tree, Toby and Camryn begin the journey of a lifetime.

What people are saying about The Guardian:

The Guardian was nominated for the TCK Publishing 2018 Readers Choice Awards. Please vote. Look for it under Middle Grade/ Young Adult.

The Guardian by L.M. Nelson is an inspiring tale about courage, perseverance, and love. A tragic car accident changes Camryn and Toby’s lives forever when they are magically transported to Gelnoff, a place that desperately needs their help to free it from the clutches of the firebeast, and restore balance to the elements. With the title of the guardian, and help from various druids and other mythical creatures, Toby and Camryn must journey across this strange place where they have found themselves and gather elemental stones in their quest to defeat the firebeast. They must survive and surpass all of the challenges that lie ahead of them, including pesky trolls and harpies doing the firebeast’s bidding. Will Camryn and Toby be able to succeed in their quest and return home? Or will they be stuck in this mysterious land forever?
In a thrilling tale, The Guardian by L.M. Nelson feels like a cross between Bridge to Terabithia, The Spiderwick Chronicles and a little like Lord of the Rings. It has wonderful themes of determination, adapting to new situations and friendship. These are all relatable themes that a younger age group going through their own coming of age struggles will relate to. It will also help them to find the will to discover a new perspective on seemingly unpleasant situations in their own lives. The characters develop really nicely along with the plot, perfectly written for young adults. I admire all of the creatures that come to Toby and Camryn’s aid and how beautifully it is presented as well as having riddles to contend with. The riddles I feel fit in perfectly with the magical and mysterious vibe of the world Camryn and Toby are in. It adds to the overall enjoyable factor of the book. I enjoyed the tale and the plot twist.”-Reader’s Favorite

“I’m hooked.”

“Very good first chapter! You didn’t waste any time grabbing my attention!”

“I just got done reading this AMAZING book called “The Guardian”, and let me tell you, it was PERFECT! The ending was AMAZING!!!!”

“I enjoyed this quick read. There were a few areas that felt rushed through, but overall the story kept a steady pace. It could be a good read for older MG too. There is violence, but it’s not described in gruesome detail. You’ll follow a sister and brother on an adventure across the lands of Gelnoff as they strive to defeat the Firebeast, free the fantastical folk, and earn their way home.” –Amazon Review

“With YA novel “The Guardian”, author L. M. Nelson immerses readers in a dream world full of mystical creatures, twists and unexpected turns.

After a tragic turn in which their arents die, Camryn and Toby Hunter are left on their own in the Idaho wilderness. Toby discovers a pair of gold rings and he and his sister are magically transported into a mystical land. Their only known exit is immediately blocked and they find themselves surrounded by mythical creatures in the land of Gelnoff. Toby is named as “the Guardian” by the locals and is faced with a life-changing task.

The story is well-paced, with vivid imagery allowing readers to almost “see” the dream world of “The Guardian”. Like a skilled conjurer, the author keeps pulling a new secret or twist out of her sleeve, till the end of the book, thus making the narrative interesting and keeping the reader engaged. A well-written piece of fantasy, “The Guardian” also offers Toby’s coming-of-age challenges and his internal struggle.

“The Guardian” is a very easy and captivating read, the story flows naturally and I very much enjoyed it. I would certainly love to read a sequel of the story of the two kids if Ms. Nelson would decide to write one. And I would certainly recommend the book to all fantasy and YA novel lovers.” –Amazon Review

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