Character Creation & Development

Some thoughts on creating characters.

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Characters should be three dimensional for the most part. If they are significant at all, then you need to take the time to develop them into real people. There should be more to them than just stock personalities/groups. Sure, you could write the stereotypical ‘jock’ as your antagonist, with nothing more to them than being an athlete/bully, but why would you want to? Readers have seen him a thousand times, so not only is it unrealistic: it’s either going to be forgettable, laughable, or offensive. I’m guessing you don’t want any of those things. So, why don’t we dig a little deeper into character creation?

When To Create Your Character

In my experience, it can be good to have at least an idea of what your character is like before you outline (or do your first draft, if you don’t outline) your story. You can you a sheet of paper…

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