Author Spotlight – Phebe Phillips


Author Spotlight

Welcome back to another episode of Author Spotlight, starring Texas Indie-Author, Poet, Illustrator, Blogger, Podcaster, Certified Raw Vegan Cuisine Chef, Felt Maker, and Cat Lover, Phebe Phillips.


Phebe lives in the top of a high rise in Dallas, Texas with her husband, and their tabby striped cat named Harold-of-God—you may see him on Instagram at #HaroldofGod. Her husband, Mac Hargrove, grew up on cattle ranches in South Texas. Today, he is a CFP and works in finance with the investment bank, Alex. Brown. They have both eaten a plant-based diet for almost seven years, and have a daily 20-minute meditation practice.

She graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BFA in Film & Journalism, and began a toy company under the brand name, Phebe Phillips when she was in college. In 2010, a government regulation changed her toy business. She also changed by picking herself up and going back to school for science, which lead to culinary.

She is certified as a Raw Vegan Chef from the Matthew Kenney Academy. Phebe has worked in one of the most famous raw vegan kitchens in the world, The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona under the direction of Dr. Gabriel Cousen’s. While there, she served in the kitchen and in the Sprout House becoming a master at growing micro-greens and sprouts. Through eCornell and the work of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, she learned about plant-based nutrition. She attends seminars and studies closely with both Dr(s). Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn, the Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist and author of Reversing Heart Disease and the Engine 2 Diet.

When she returned to school for Science, she fell in love with Biology, MicroBiology, Chemistry and Genetics. After learning how special the human body is, and precious that we are alive, endowed with gifts and inspiration to offer the world, she realized the best way for her to inspire was to apply her newfound science knowledge to food for creating the best fuel for becoming the best-self she could be!

She found that what she put in, and on, her body greatly affected the quality of her life, and her daily meditation practice. The result of all this was the brand new life path mentioned in the above paragraphs. Almost daily, she gets asked questions. She hopes to speak to those questions through her blog. Her favorite saying is, “Simplicity of Life Allows Freedom”..

Her first book, Why Me? Positive Verse for Loss and Sadness brings her characters to life using poetic verse and art illustrations.

Why Me? Positive Verse for Loss and Sadness eloquently guides both young and old readers through life’s sometimes catastrophic events. Using poetic free verse, Phebe Phillips leads her readers into awareness that each of us is special and that indeed, each of us is loved. Why Me? is designed to bring words of comfort to those affected by life-changing events such as a death, the heartbreaking loss of a pet, a change in family structure, or one of life’s many challenges and disappointments. Beautifully illustrated in chalk pastels, Phebe frees each reader to use their own imagination as she weaves her story to include diverse portrayals of ethnicity and gender while using animals in human form. Many illustrations hold a deeper meaning than what may be seen upon first glance, such as in the illustration for “Sometimes things leave…” which represents the ladder to the sky as a DNA double helix marked with hydrogen bonds.

This story was originally created at the suggestion of the Dallas Chapter of the American Red Cross to address positively the hard subjects of loss and sadness. Since its beginning, 4000 copies have been placed in the ARC’s Emergency Response Vehicles for distribution to those in need of comforting words.

Here’s the Amazon Link

Phebe also writes a lot of serious poetry. One poem, Pilot’s Story, was published November 2017 by the U.K. Publisher Lost Tower Publications. Beyond the Hill is their thirteenth book. It’s topic is Stunning War Poetry by Select International Poets.

She has more details on her personal website: Connect with Phebe on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, or email her at

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